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Here's some advice: if you've never made a game before, and want to, pick up Stencyl RIGHT NOW and try it!

Chevy Ray Johnston, Creator of FlashPunk

I've been playing with Stencyl for 3 or 4 days now, and I'm already convinced that you're sitting on top of a monumental change to how flash game development works.

Michael Gribbin, Game Designer at Storm8

I have been in the casual game space for some time now and it's not too often something really innovative comes along. Stencyl is an amazing product.

Ira Willey, Founder of

Having already finished two prototypes with the help of Stencyl (one of which might just evolve into a proper, commercial game), I frankly can't recommend it enough. It's powerful, flexible, sports an excellent level editor and, importantly, offers a fully featured free version.

Konstantinos Dimopoulos, Writer for

As a graphic designer who loves making games, it's the only tool that gives me everything I need to really make things happen. Watching 10,000+ people enjoy my games, getting sponsorships-- this is stuff I've dreamt about but I never thought it'd actually happen.

Folmer Kelly, Indie Game Developer

Being able to drag and drop code blocks together has sped up my workflow so much. I was able to prototype Making Monkeys in just a few days and try out new gameplay elements very quickly.

Greg Sergeant, Indie Game Developer