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Real Jumper

by icezard

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A simple run and gun game similar to Mega Man and Metroid.
This game is just an expanded version of the original Jump and Gun on StencylForge.

Arrow Buttons - Up, down for selections, Left & right for moving actor in scene
Z-Jump X-Shoot C- switch weapon
Enter- to pick selections, change scene when prompted
M- To mute/unmute
U- Back to main menu
P- Pause

You control Jumper who have lost his memories. He travel through different worlds
and near the end he found out that he is...?

Btw, please bear with Jumper's bad monolog. Some of his dialog might help in game, others are rubbish/random.
You can skip most dialog by just proceeding to the next screen (most of the time)
Remember to press right arrow button all the way when exiting the scene.

This game might be a bit difficult for casual gamers.
Change the difficulty to easy at main menu if game is too hard.
The music is the same for all stages.
I actually planned for different music for each stage but my music files were too huge.

Tell me if there is any bugs / glitches / problems ( I am sure there are -_- )
Especially since I am not that experienced with stencyling/programming/game making, etc
Thanks :D

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marcus you gay
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