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Quacky Dash

by Jason21745

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This was a game project I started back in 2014. I completed the game but the core of the game had some issues.
The controls were something of a big problem on that build and I never spent the time to fix it. But I've taken the time over the past week to refine and improve the controls and game and finally call it finished.

How to play? It's a simple game.
You fly Quacky in between the gaps of the crates by pressing the colored button that matches the colored crate. Press too many times and Quacky will fly past it, too few and he won't make it, press the wrong button and he'll fly in the opposite direction.
Every time you pass through you gain one point. Every 10 points you earn a new medal (up to 100) and you can view them in the medal gallery.


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