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Abigayl's Tutorials

A Visual Introduction to Stencyl

A popular and effective introduction to Stencyl in slideshow form. Takes 20-30 minutes per lesson.

Lesson 1

The Basics. View

Lesson 2

Attributes, Saving/Loading, Kongregate. View

Lesson 3

Controls, Spawning Actors. View

Lesson 4

Mouse-Based Shooting, Collisions. View

Lesson 5

Music, Screen Boundaries, Power Ups. View

Lesson 6

Supporting Many Actors. View

Sunrisekingdom's Tutorials

A comprehensive collection of videos

Note: Sunrisekingdom's speech may be difficult to follow. If so, we recommend going off the subtitles instead.

Stencyl Basics

Stencyl 3.0
Common Game Features

Intro's & Saving
Scores & Achievements


Graphics / Art

Sounds / Music


A growing collection of videos

QuickLearnTutorials is producing videos upon request. You may request a video here.

View the Tutorials

Other Videos

A collection of walkthroughs

Make a game from scratch

by Tinkernut


Stencyl Walkthrough

by Game School


Rob's Video Tutorials

by Rob

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