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Abigayl's Tutorials

A Visual Introduction to Stencyl

A popular and effective introduction to Stencyl in slideshow form. Takes 20-30 minutes per lesson.

Lesson 1

The Basics. View

Lesson 2

Attributes, Saving/Loading, Kongregate. View

Lesson 3

Controls, Spawning Actors. View

Lesson 4

Mouse-Based Shooting, Collisions. View

Lesson 5

Music, Screen Boundaries, Power Ups. View

Lesson 6

Supporting Many Actors. View

Sunrisekingdom's Tutorials

A comprehensive collection of videos

Sunrisekingdom has taken down all of his videos as of May 2017. This was an unexpected move given how popular and useful they were. Reach out to him through his forum topic or directly at sunrisekingdomtutorial [at] gmail


A growing collection of videos

QuickLearnTutorials is producing videos upon request. You may request a video here.

View the Tutorials

Other Videos

A collection of walkthroughs

Make a game from scratch

by Tinkernut


Stencyl Walkthrough

by Game School


Rob's Video Tutorials

by Rob

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