Chapter 3 Challenge

by Ceric (Updated on 2012-05-13)

Chapter 3 Recap

Chapter 3 was all about Actors. You learned about...

  • Animation states
  • Different ways of moving Actors
  • Physics
  • Controlling Actors with the keyboard & mouse
  • Collisions and Groups
  • The difference between killing and recycling an Actor
  • Tweening and Effects as ways of adding visual flair

That's quite a lot to take in!

Now that you’re familiar with these concepts, it's time to demonstrate your mastery of them by creating a game, with our help.


Challenge: Create "Breakout"

Breakout is a fun, casual puzzle game that calls for quick reflexes. It uses physics, collisions, and special effects to entertain the player.


Your Task

Design a simple version of Breakout that includes these features:

  • A paddle the player can move in two directions.

  • A bouncing ball you can launch from your paddle.

  • A short delay between ball launches.
  • Blocks that change color and make a sound, when they collide with the ball.


Here's a Head Start

We’ve created a basic Kit with graphics, sounds, and a Scene to get you started and so you don't need to import any game resources. Just write the logic.

Download the Project

- Unzip and stick the project into your Games directory as "Chapter 3 Challenge"

- Don't know where your Games directory is? Click the "View Games Directory" button at the bottom of the Welcome Center (the first screen you see after opening Stencyl)

Good luck!


Stuck? Want some hints?

Hint 1 - The ball shouldn't move the paddle when they collide. Look at each Actor Type's Physics settings.

Hint 2 - You'll need a Behavior to keep your paddle from disappearing off screen.


[Looking for the full solution?]

Disclaimer: All articles are geared towards Stencyl 3.0 and above. Use comments to provide feedback and point out issues with the article (typo, wrong info, etc.). If you're seeking help for your game, please ask a question on the forums. Thanks!


Is there an updated project kit, conversion fails when converting to Stencyl 3.3.
0 2 months, 3 weeks ago
Just wanted to say that I love this challenge. I have learned so much by trying to build this without looking at the solution.

Make more please!

2 3 years, 1 month ago

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