Reloading Documents

by Jon (Updated on 2014-01-28)

Why is reloading required?

Stencyl sometimes needs a little help knowing that something's changed if you keep multiple resources open at once.

This is particularly evident if you added say, a new Group and don't notice that new Group when assigning an Actor Type to it - you only see the old ones.

For example...

  • Adding/Removing Controls
  • Addding/Removing Groups
  • Adding/Removing most kinds of Resources


How to Reload

To reload a document, use the hotkey Ctrl-R (or Command-R on Mac). If prompted, click the button that says Reload Document.


The Future

We realize that reloading is a sub-optimal arranagement and more a necessary evil at this time. Down the road, we strive to eliminate the need to reload documents.

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