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Print to Console


print object

Adds the text you specify to your logs, which can be viewed in the Log Viewer. Use this block to verify values and debug your game when you encounter bugs. Accepts anything but will convert to text before printing.



Comment (Single Line, Multiple Lines)

comment text
comment text

Comments let you mark up your behaviors. They are like sticky notes. They have no effect on a behavior.

/* [ANYTHING] */

Comment (Wrapper)

comment text

This variant of comments wraps around a stack of blocks. It has no effect on the enclosed blocks (in other words, the code inside still runs).

/* [ANYTHING] */

Debug Drawing

Enable / Disable Debug Drawing

enable debug drawing

Outlines collision boxes, tiles, regions and terrain regions for debug purposes. Useful for testing physics/collisions. Can also be activated from the menu (prior to testing) via Run > Enable Debug Drawing.