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Game Center (iOS-only)

Start Game Center

start game center

Initializes the Game Center service. Use a Game Center event to know if initialization has succeeded.


Game Center is Started?

game center is started

Returns true if Game Center is currently active.


Name / ID of Player

name of player

Returns the [Name / ID] of the current player.


Submit Score

submit score number to with id text

Submits a score to the given leaderboard (by leaderboard ID).

gameCenterSubmitScore([NUMBER], [TEXT]);

Show Leaderboard

show leaderboard for text

Shows the given leaderboard (by leaderboard ID).


Report Achievement

report achievement text as number % complete

Reports the completion status for an achievement (given an achievement ID). Number must be between [0 - 100] inclusive.

gameCenterSubmitAchievement([TEXT], [NUMBER]);

Show All Achievements / Reset Achievements

show achievements

Shows a page containing all of the game's achievements. This block can also reset (erase) all of a game's achievements.


Show Achievement Banner

show banner with title text and message text

Shows an achievement banner. Provide the title and text for this banner.

gameCenterShowBanner([TEXT], [TEXT]);

Google Play Games (Android-only)

Start Google Play Games

initialize google play games

Starts the Google Play Games service.


Connection is Estalished?

connection is established

Returns true if Google Play Games is ready to use. Other status checks are available for pending (attempting to connect), failed (to connect) and canceled (by user).

getGPGConnectionInfo(0) //established
getGPGConnectionInfo(1) //pending
getGPGConnectionInfo(2) //failed
getGPGConnectionInfo(3) //canceled

Show Achievements / Leaderboards / Quests

show achievements

Shows a page containing every [achivement / leaderboard / quest] for your game.


Show Leaderboard

show leaderboard with id text

Shows the specified leaderboard (given a Leaderboard ID).


Unlock Achievement

unlock achievement with id text

Unlocks the specified achievement (given an Achievement ID).


Make Progress Towards Incremental Achievement

increase achievement with id text by int

Updates the player's progress towards an incremental achievement (given an achievement ID). This will add to the existing amount.

incrementGPGAchievement([TEXT], [INT]);

Submit Score to Leaderboard

submit score int to leaderboard with id text

Submits a score to the specified leaderboard (given a Leaderboard ID).

submitGPGScore([TEXT], [INT]);

Update Event

update event with id text with value int

Submits event data (given an Event ID) to Google. Event data is reportedi n batches, so there may be a slight delay in delivery.

updateGPGEvent([TEXT], [INT]);

Has Quest Completed?

has new quest completed

Returns true if a quest has been recently completed. Once this is called, this resets, so calling it again immediately will return false.


Get Completed Quest List

completed quest list

Returns a list of completed quests.


Get Reward for Quest

reward for quest with id text

Each quest that you define contains a reward value that you can use to offer items or other benefits to players in-game. This block (given a Quest ID) returns that value as text.



Initialize Admob

initialize admob ads with app id text set banner position to bottom

Initialize Admob banner and/or fullscreen ads. Use this block only once in your first scene.

Set banner position if you are using banners. If you are only using fullscreen ads, banner position can be ignored.

AdMob.init([TEXT], 0);
AdMob.init([TEXT], 1);

Show / Hide Mobile Ad

show admob banner ad

Shows (or hides) a banner ad for your game. Placed at the top or bottom of the screen (this is set in Settings > Mobile > Monetization). Uses iAd on iOS, AdMob on Android.


Show Fullscreen Ad

load admob fullscreen ad

Load / show a fullscreen ad for your game. Uses iAd on iOS, AdMob on Android.


Reinitialize AdMob banner

reinitialize admob banner

Reinitialize the banner. This may help if a banner failed to load.


Move AdMob Banner

move banner to bottom

Use this block to change the banner position at runtime.


Height of Ad

height of mobile ad

Returns the height of the banner ad, so you can reposition your game elements accordingly.

(Engine.landscape ? 32 : 50)

Set Privacy Policy URL

set privacy policy url to text

Set your privacy policy URL that is used by the consent SDK.

This block is part of GDPR compliance in AdMob.


Show Advertisement Consent Form

show consent form check existing consent

Show the consent form (will only appear to players in the EEA).

This block is part of GDPR compliance in AdMob.



Request Info for Product

request info for product with id text

In order to retrieve title/price/description information for a product, you must request that info from Google/Apple. This block sends in that request (given the Product ID). You can check for success using a Purchase event.


Player Can Make Purchases?

player can make purchases

Returns true if the purchasing API is ready to use.


Buy / Use Product

buy product with id text

Buy (or use) a product (given a Product ID). This makes a request to do these actions - you must check for success or failure using a Purchase Event.


Free Unmanaged Purchases (Android)

free unmanaged android purchase with id text

Unmanaged products on Android are now treated as managed consumable purchases. This block "frees" up those purchases, so they can be repurchased by players, without having to set up new entries for them.


Purchased Product?

purchased product with id text

Returns true if the specified product (given a Product ID) has been bought by the player. For a consumable, returns true if the player currently owns 1 or more of that product.


Get Product Quantity (for Consumable)

get product quantity for id text

For a consumable product, will return the amount of the specified product (given a Product ID) that the player owns.


Validate Receipt for Product

ios validate receipt for product with id object with shared secret key text in production

Optional: Validate Receipt with Itunes before player gets items.

Shared Secret:'ITunesConnect->Your game->In-App Purchases->View Shared Secret' select Sandbox when testing


Restore Purchases

restore purchases

Manually tell the Apple/Google to restore a player's purchases. This will emit Purchase Restored events that you will need to handle.


Get Title / Price / Description for Product

title for product with id text

Returns the [title/price/description] of the specified product (given a Product ID). Must use the request info for product block before this information is available.



Show Alert

show alert with title text and message text

Displays a native modal (blocking) dialog to the user. Provide the title and message.

showAlert([TEXT], [TEXT]);

Set Icon Badge (iOS)

set icon badge number to number

iOS-only. Sets your app icon's badge number. For example, on an e-mail app, this would report the number of unread messages. For a game, perhaps the number of notifications / events that have happened in your game.