Frequently Asked Questions

For Educators and Schools

What is Stencyl?

Stencyl is a powerful game creation toolset, centered around an intuitive block-snapping interface and a friendly, helpful community.

With Stencyl, students can produce their own games without programming, play them on their computers and mobile devices, and distribute them for anyone to play on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Is Stencyl appropriate for my students?

Yes! Stencyl is being used right now in hundreds of primary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, summer camps, and museums all over the world.

Stencyl's intuitive block-snapping interface was inspired by a highly lauded research project (MIT Scratch), which has proven to be an effective teaching tool with children as young as 6. As an instructor, you can immerse students in the inviting block language and gradually introduce programming concepts if and when you desire.

Are any pre-designed classroom materials or curriculums available?

Yes. Our Educator's Kit offers approximately 2 weeks of teaching material and instructions on how to effectively bring Stencyl to your school. You may download it here.

Do you offer an MSI installer?

Yes, we offer a pre-built MSI installer for "Full" tier licensees. See our School Pricing page for details.

How much does it cost?

See our School Pricing page for details.

Do you offer any certification programs or exams?

Yes, we offer a certificate program and exam through a third party we've partered up with. See the Stencyl Exam website for details.

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