Teach a Coding Class - Bring Stencyl to your classroom
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Why use Stencyl in your classroom?

A proven drag and drop interface lets you focus on the concepts.

Block building based on MIT Scratch

Coding Without the Syntax
Stencyl uses a highly intuitive block-snapping interface inspired by the popular MIT Scratch project, which has proven to be an effective teaching model with children as young as 6.
Free Educator's Kit containing curriculum

Built-In Curriculum
Our educator's kit takes the guesswork out of adopting Stencyl in your school by providing instructions on how to deploy the software in your school and lesson plans on how to effectively teach with it.
Free to use.

It's Fun!
Every student should have exposure to the basics of computer science, and what better way than to do it through making games? Stencyl brings you a fun and engaging Computer Science curriculum faster and easier than you'd imagine.

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