Crash Course 1

A Brief Introduction to Stencyl

Introduces you to the various parts of the Stencyl workflow. Takes 30 minutes.

Step 1: Create a New Game

Get started with Stencyl. View

Step 2: Gather Resources

Work with Actors, Tilesets, Sounds and Behaviors. View

Step 3: Customize Actors

Attach behaviors to the player actor. View

Step 4: Create a Scene

Build a level for your game. View

Step 5: Test your Game

Run your game in Flash Player. View

Crash Course 2

Create a game from scratch

In this course, you'll create a "Space Invaders" like game from scratch. In the process, you'll touch upon all the fundamentals required to make games with Stencyl. Takes 1-2 hours.

The Beginning


A summary of what you'll learn. View

Step 1: Create a Game

Get started. View

Step 2: Create Actors

Learn about Animations and Physics. View

Step 3: Actor Collisions

Create a Collision Group. View

Step 4: More Actors

Create a few more actors. View

Build the Game Out

Step 5: Import Sounds

Learn about Sound Effects vs. Music. View

Step 6: Create a Scene

Build out a scene and test your game. View

Step 7: Add Background Music

Learn about Events too! View

Add Logic

Step 8: Make the Ship Move

A crash course in creating game logic. View

Step 9: Keep the Ship on Screen

Learn about coordinates and positioning. View

Step 10: Firing Bullets

Learn about creating actors. View

Step 11: Destroying Bullets

Learn about how to handle collisions. View

Step 12: Destroying Enemy Ships

More collision work. View

Finishing Touches

Step 13: Creating a Font

Learn about fonts and drawing text. View

Step 14: Winning the Game

Draw text and build logic while you're at. View

Step 15: Final Touches

Publish the game. Some additional challenges. View