Custom Events

by Jon (Updated on 2015-10-18)


What are Custom Events?

Custom Events are events that happen only when you tell them to happen. Why would you want to do this?

Aside: In programming terms, Custom Events are equivalent to the concept of "messaging" or "indirect invocation" - they aren't quite the same as function calls since you aren't always specifying a receiver. There can be as few as 0 receivers or infinitely many.

Defining Custom Events

  1. Inside the Behavior Designer, go to Add Event > Advanced > Custom Event.

  2. Type something into the blank. This is the text that will cause this Custom Event to trigger.

That's it! Now fill out what you want to happen inside the event.

Triggering Custom Events

Custom Events are triggered by any one of the blocks under Behavior > Triggers. The act of telling a Custom Event to happen is called triggering.

To trigger an event, put in the text you stuck into the blank when defining the event.

One Recipient vs. All

As you have may noticed, triggering Custom Events can be done directly (one behavior) or indirectly (all behaviors). This to say:

Note: If a behavior doesn't have a Custom Event and you try to trigger it, nothing happens. It's ignored.

When would specifying no target ("all behaviors") be useful?

Making the Custom Event Configurable

Sometimes, you may want to make a Custom Event configurable. Which is say that you would want to stick a Text Attribute into the blank.

You can do this, and as you'd expect, the text for Custom Event becomes configurable.

Warning: Do not change the value of the Text Attribute at runtime during the game. The Custom Event may break if you do this.

Custom Events vs. Custom Blocks

Custom Events and Custom Blocks overlap somewhat in use case. However, they differ in several respects, as summarized below.

Custom Events

Custom Blocks