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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions our customers ask

Who may use the free plan?

The starter edition is licensed for individual, personal use.

Schools, education businesses and teachers who intend to use Stencyl inside the classroom (vs. on an individual basis) may only use the free plan to evaluate the software.

How does the free plan differ from the paid plans?

Our starter edition lets you publish Web/HTML5 games for free, with Stencyl branding displayed pre-game as a splash screen. While it lets you test on our paid target platforms (desktop, iOS, Android), it does not let you publish to them.

Is there a free trial for paid features?

The starter edition lets you test your game on all of our paid target platforms (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux), so you can evaluate this functionality before buying.

Why should I subscribe today rather than waiting until I publish my game?

Subscribing today gives you access to our latest, customer-only releases, granting you the latest fixes and functionality for your games. You also gain access to our customer-only forums.

What types of payment do you accept?

Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Paypal.

Are there any discounts for students and teachers?

We offer discounts for individual students and teachers who wish to purchase a Studio license. If you intend to use teach Stencyl in a classroom setting, view our School Pricing page for details.

May I use Stencyl on multiple computers? Can multiple individuals share a license?

You may install and use Stencyl on any computers you own. You may share a license with one other person, as long as you *both* publish from the same Apple Store/Google Play account. If you use separate accounts, you must buy licenses for each developer.

Are there any royalties?

No, we don't collect any royalties on games, nor do we claim any ownership over them. You keep 100% of your games' profits.

Do I need to be enrolled in Apple's iOS Developer Program to publish to the App Store?

Yes, Apple requires you to have an active iOS developer license to publish games to the App Store. Enroll here.

Do I need a Mac to test my games on my iOS device and publish them to the App Store?

Yes, a Mac is required to perform both of those tasks.

Do my games stop working if I let my Stencyl subscription expire?

Your games will continue to work after your susbcription expires. However, Apple and Google may remove games if you withdraw from their Developer Programs.

Can I upgrade from Indie to Studio?

Yes, in most cases, you can upgrade to Studio. Visit our Upgrades page for further details.

What support is offered with my subscription?

No support contract is included, but informal support is offered through a discussion board that is only visible to customers, developers and a group of veterans.

What is Stencyl's refund policy?

30 days from the date of purchase, provided that you have not published any games. This includes (but is not limited to) submitting them to an app store, sponsorship exchange (such as FGL) or a publisher for review.

If you are having trouble getting your games to run, please ask for help.

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