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Read our article on Effects and Blend Modes for an explanation of these blocks.

Blend Modes

Set Blend Mode

set blend mode for actor to dropdown

This block sets an actor's blend mode. Blend Modes control how a game draws semi-transparent graphics.

[ACTOR].setBlendMode([BLEND MODE]);

Add / Remove

Apply Effect

apply effect filter to actor

Applies the specified effect to the actor. Effects stack on each other in the order they were added.


Remove all Effects

remove all effects from actor

Removes all effects from the actor.



Tint using Color

tint using color at number %

Applies a "tinting" effect to an actor given a color and a percentage amount (where 0 means no tint and 100 means that the actor is completely colored).

createTintFilter([COLOR], [NUMBER]/100)


adjust hue by number degrees

Shifts the hue of the actor, given an amount in degrees. The full spectrum spans 0 - 360 degrees inclusive and wraps around if you exceed that in either direction.



set saturation to number %

Adjust how "vivid" the actor's colors are in relative percentage amounts. 0% would make an actor grayscale. 100% would restore the default saturation. 200% would make it look very vivid.



adjust brightness by number %

Adjust how bright (or dark) the actor is in relative percentage amounts. 0% means total darkness. 100% is the default. 200% would make it brighter than usual.



make grayscale

Makes the actor draw in grayscale.



make negative

Inverts the actor's colors.



make sepia

Applies an "old photograph" look to the actor. Sort of like grayscale but with a tinge of brown.