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Read our Image API guide for an explanation of these blocks.

Draw on Image

Draw Image onto Image

draw image onto image at x int y int using dropdown

Draws the first image on top of the second image at the specified location.

drawImageOnImage([IMAGE], [IMAGE], [INT], [INT], [BLEND MODE]);

Draw Text onto Image

draw text on image at x int y int using font

Draws the given text (using a font) on top of the image at the specified location.

drawTextOnImage([IMAGE], [TEXT], [INT], [INT], [FONT]);

Fill Image with Color

fill image with color

Replaces all pixels in the image with the given color.

fillImage([IMAGE], [COLOR]);

Make Color (from RGB)

red green blue as color

Creates a color from red, green, blue channels. Numbers must be between [0-255] inclusive.

Utils.getColorRGB([INT], [INT], [INT])

Clear Image

Clear Part of Image

clear image at x int y int w int h int

Clears out the specified part of the image by making those pixels transparent.

clearImagePartially([IMAGE], [INT], [INT], [INT], [INT]);

Clear Whole Image

clear image

Clears out the entire image by making its pixels transparent.


Clear / Retain Image using Mask

clear image using image at x int y int

Clears out the image using the second image as a mask. The second image will "cut out" pixels from the first. If using "retain", will do the opposite -- it will clear out all pixels except for those that are in the mask.

clearImageUsingMask([IMAGE], [IMAGE], [INT], [INT]);
retainImageUsingMask([IMAGE], [IMAGE], [INT], [INT]);

Transform Image

Apply Effect to Image

apply effect filter to image

Applies the given effect to the image.

filterImage([IMAGE], [EFFECT]);

Flip Image

apply horizontal flip to image

Flips the image horizontally or vertically.


Swap Colors in Image

swap color with color for image

Replaces all pixels of the first color with the second color in the image.

imageSwapColor([IMAGE], [COLOR], [COLOR]);

Pixel Operations

Batch Draw

batch draw on image

When setting many pixels at a time, this tells the system not to push an image update until you have finished your work. A must-use for performance reasons.


Set Pixel

set pixel at x int y int to color for image

Sets a pixel in the image to the specified color.

imageSetPixel([IMAGE], [INT], [INT], [COLOR]);

Draw Image onto Image

get pixel at x int y int for image

Returns the color for the specified pixel in the image.

imageGetPixel([IMAGE], [INT], [INT])