Frequently Asked Questions

And some notes about the underlying technology

Is Stencyl free?

Stencyl always has been free to use for Flash publishing - other platforms require purchasing a license. All we require in return is the display a small banner before the game begins as a way of giving us credit. This happens automatically, so no action is required on your part.

Who is the Indie plan intended for?

  • Developers who want to sell a Windows/Mac game on Steam, the Mac App Store or other stores.
  • Web game developers who intend to put their games up for sponsorship (on FlashGameLicense).

Looking for additional questions related to pricing, our plans and what you get? We have a Pricing FAQ for prospective customers.

I'm a school or teacher who's interested in bringing Stencyl into our curriculum. How should I get started?

Stencyl has grown immensely popular in schools thanks to its compelling mix of a block-snapping interface and games. Visit our Education Center to learn more about how to bring Stencyl into your school's curriculum and to download your free Educator's Kit today.

Can I code in Stencyl?

For those who prefer to program rather than using our block-snapping interface, we offer the ability to type in code inside Behaviors, custom classes and extensions to the engine. The primary development language is Haxe, a language with heavy similarities to ActionScript. For more information, consult our Developer Center.

What technology is Stencyl based on?

Stencyl's engine is written in Haxe and based on OpenFL, an open source project that mirrors the full Flash API in Haxe and provides all the hooks required to publish games to all the major platforms we support.

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