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Sugar Boom!

by sparklepeep

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Discord turned all the fish into sweets, so Pinkie Pie goes fishing. With explosives. Made for the first My Little Game Jam, in 48 (well, 11) hours, from scratch. Full source available on StencylForge. See comments or http://sparklepeep.deviantart.com for more details.


Can you figure out how I can make this into a Scratch project?
0 5 years, 11 months ago

Plot: Discord has turned all the fish in Equestria into sugary sweets! Pinkie Pie has decided to go fishing. With explosives.

Instructions: A, D or arrow keys to move left, right; click to drop a bomb; collect sweets; do not eat dead fish; keep your sugar level high to survive! Oh, and press M to mute/unmute.

More in depth FAQ type thing:

1) What exactly does dead fish do?
Each consumed dead fish gives you 3 seconds of the Choking debuff. The debuff stacks up to 5 seconds. While choking, any sweets you eat will slightly decrease your sugar level.

2) Did you make all the graphics and sound?
Yep! The Pinkie in the game was my first serious attempt to draw a pony. The music in the game were loops made from mostly banging on random piano keys while in a sequencer thingie because I have no idea what I'm doing I mean because the theme's chaos so random key presses are chaotic.

3) What was used to make this game?
The graphics were done in Flash using the line, shape and pen tools. I guess I could have been more hardcore and used Inkscape but since I was more familiar with Flash I went with that. The programming was done in Stencyl, an awesome free game development platform for 2D games. Despite looking like a toy (it uses the blocky code arrangement thing called Scratch MIT developed for teaching programming) it's surprisingly powerful. The music/sfx were made in Musagi and sfxr, both awesome free programs recommended by someone on the MLGJ forums, and edited/converted to proper formats in Audacity. I typed this thing in Notepad.

4) How do I view/use the source for this game?
You can either import the game from the .stencyl file in this package or find and download it on StencylForge, the Stencyl game resource repository that you can open from within Stencyl itself. The source code is a Creative Commons thing, so feel free to play with it as long as you give me credit for the original.

5) Why didn't you use any of the behaviors Stencyl shipped with?
This game was made for a game jam and the rules state all game logic must be coded from scratch.

0 10 years, 3 months ago

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