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Roller Joe

by sabikDK

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:: Roller Joe On Facebook ::
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Roll er-Joe/217461168408048
I'll always have more levels then likes...
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- Arrow Keys (left/right= Roll and up = jump)
- ENTER = Restart

Look at Facebook ;)

Roller Joe, is also in Chrome Web Shop Now :D

Wednesday 19. June - The Night World Update - Added an early version of the world-selection-screen to button 3 ("???") Click to get a NightWorld Sneekpeak ;)
(v48) Wenesday 3. July - eye Candy Kill update, nice explosion when joe dies. And Worlds added (still buggy)
(46) Wenesday. 17. June - The Sound Update
(v44) Wednesday 11. June - Level-select-menu added (Click on Roller joe to return to the menu)
(v41) 7. June - Early update ;) Added a Menu and Removed the "Appelsin"-Bug ;)
(v39) 29.May - Bug Fix + HUD Changed + Enchanted some Levels + Appelsin Regn Added (Official Levels 12)
(v37) 22.May - BugFix (Official levels: 11)
(v36) 15.May - V32 -The Spongebob Update
(v35) 9. May -10 Enchanted Levels (And some secret levels)

I'll add more levels soon. Always more levels then likes (Stencyl Likes + Facebook Likes) So please like and share the game to get more levels ;)

6. May
-New speedboost block added to the game
-enchanted some of the first levels
-Added a secret exit to one of the levels

19. April
-More Levels (And moved levels around)
-Press ENTER to restart
-New powerUP :D

-More Levels
-The back,next,skip Buttons works 100% now :D

-Added more level Names
-New Name (Roller Joe)
-Changed some levels
-Added more levels (Total 22 Levels)

April7: More Levels Added (18 Total ;)
April6: Better Skip-Button And added one New Level
April5: Skip-Button added to all levels


The Name of the hero is "Joe" and he has a mission to escape some puzzeling levels. To do this he must, roll, push and jump trough some crazy levels...

-Have Fun

Old Version History:
April4 - Skip button added to some levels- can only be used ones

Alfa 0.4 - More levels added, Better rubber level, bugxixing, Bonus level added (just for testing new stuff)

Alfa 0.3 - More levels added, and added some rubber ;) (+ Some new bugs)
Alfa 0.2 - Added more levels and the round ball
Alfa 0.1 - Just made some playble levels and a ending


It's slow when you collect a coin. :(
0 10 years, 2 months ago
Roller Joe is Flying now ;) and some cool castle levels is added :D
0 10 years, 5 months ago
Can you get all 188 Coins ?
0 10 years, 9 months ago

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