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The Diseased State

by cischken

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This project was created for my Concept, Form, and Context class here at the University of Michigan. Our prompt was to create a project that is inspired by a mystery, whether it be the mystery of dreams or of a chance encounter. I chose to do my project on Creutzfelt-Jakobs Disease.

Many people have heard of Mad Cow Disease. However, most are unaware that this disease has different strains that affect different animals. The human strain, Creutzfeld-Jakobs Disease, is a debilitating disease that will develop spontaneously and without reason, however, it is by no means common and not many people are affected by it. Upon learning about this disease, I became very interested in it's epidemiology. With The Diseased State, I wanted to create a way to depict the symptoms of the disease and teach others about what CJD entails. Because this disease is not very common, I did not want to scare people by discussing the randomness and destructive force of the disease. To avoid this I purposefully avoided making the visual style of the project morbid and dark, and instead decided to go with something more light-hearted and open.

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I really like how you took your idea and applied it to the game. The changing mechanics make it frustratingly difficult to play and gives some great interactive context to the info which otherwise might be a boring read.
1 11 years, 4 months ago

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