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Pinkie Pie's digital adventure demo release!!!

by Savercat

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One day in Ponyville, Pinkie was planing a party. she was so so exited, she bounced around so much, that she and her friends accidentally got sucked up in a video game!! suddenly, instead of vectors, they were turning into pixels. and then, the main 6 accidentally went into the last level of the game. (coming soon) it's up to you, Pinkie Pie to save your friends!!! (you will only find 2 friends in this demo release.)

instructions will not show full on "instructions" button.
use WASD keys and click to shoot a bullet. the brown-animal thingy, you have to click to destroy.UNLESS you use Nova the sun,ANY of your enemies will die. NEVER loose Nova. without her, it wont be easy to do things.(unless a certain level)

this is only a demo. don't get mad at me. Pinkie pie (c) Hasbro. Don't worry, official game release is coming soon!!!

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YAY!!! My Favorite G1 character! Firefly!
0 10 years, 7 months ago

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