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Gravity Runner

by Tuo

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No description provided by author.


My list
1.Main Menu should be changed because it looks confusing at the start. 2.Also give clear instructions what your supposed to do. I figured out what your supposed to do but give clear instructions. 3. Just make 1 mode that's custom mode. Other modes are kind of boring but custom is fun. 4. Death Animation( Frown face preferred!)5. Don't make difficulties because the difficulties aren't different.
6. Music.

That's all but THIS IS A EXTRA GREAT GAME. You don't have to do my feedback. You will probably get a sponsorship. The changes are up to you. Do whatever it takes to make your game the best:)

0 9 years, 12 months ago
alright, heres some things about this
1. We need some epic techno music up in here
2. We need tutorials about the blocks and stuff before the title screen, but skipable
3. Once you touch the right wall you get stuck to it
4. The menu screen is sorta complicated, you might wanna tweek the interface a bit
5. I would make a better graphic for the character, make him one block in width for easier platforming
6. finally as my last critique you should tweek the gravity, the character didn't have a weight to him.
thats all for now friend.

0 10 years, 11 months ago

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