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Monster Slayer

by snake13

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[Game Controls: Left and Right arrow keys to move. Z to attack. X to use a potion.
Escape(Esc) to go to Game Menu. Note: Kill monsters to get XP. Note: Get 500 coins to get a potion. Get 100 XP to get a new level.]
[ Monster Info:
Black Monster: Destroys Village.
Pink Monster: Harms hero.
Orange Monster: Destroys village and harms hero.
Boss: Destroys village and harms hero and has 2 health.
Note: Bosses are slower than other monsters.
(P.S. Monsters that harms hero can do random damage.)]

(Note:This game saves by using Local Shared Objects.Meaning it is stored in the browser indefinitely until cleared out. For info go to this website, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_ shared_object) You are a hero trying to destroy a crystal, The Larium, that holds all the enemy monsters life force. You ask for guidance from people that help you locate The Larium, but first you have to defend their villages, then get information that can help you find The Laruim. May magic be with you, wizard. Play this fun game! It includes a Single-Player mode. This game is Flash only. There are 4 characters and Levels and XP. Kill enemies and get potions and upgrades.
(Note: There is 1 glitch. The glitch is the hero moves by himself. Press the opposite direction of where the hero is moving to fix the glitch.)


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