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Etheidus v0.1.5

by Rares

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Arrow keys to move.
Mouse to aim and shoot.
X - Engage Cruise (Speed Up, Turn Rate Down, Can't shoot)
Press Enter to warp when inside a Jumpgate(Yellow dots on the minimap)
Go inside the Gate One to have the option to go to the Main Menu again.
Miner - Shoot at the asteroids with blue crystals to get Deuterium. Once Full unload in the Gate One area. Deuterium does not have any use at the moment.


Clicked your now canceled link, not a bad game, trying to get one actor to orbit another atm so good work on what you have done.
0 6 years, 9 months ago
Things to consider:
- You can actually visualize the progress of this prototype by viewing the previous versions (on my profile)
- Everything on the ship is positioned through code, using the circle equation and using the angle of the ship.
- Some weapons have limited firing arcs
- Some weapons have bullet spread
- Some weapons deal damage over time
- Weapons have the ability to be controlled by player or AI
- Weapons predict the position of the ship and fires upon it
- Every animation is done frame by frame, including bullets, some turrets, the thrusters of the ship (not in this version)

0 7 years, 8 months ago

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