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Voyage of the Magpie

by Tempestuous C

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Search for the golden magpie in your awesome zeppelin! Manage your destination tickets and upkeep your ship as you chop your way through temples and jungles to find your way to ever more exotic places. Don't forget to use scrap metal to repair your ship!

Voyage of the Magpie was created for Ludum Dare #30, for which the theme was "connected worlds." Players travel all over looking for the golden magpie, rumored to be in the lost city of El Dorado. The project is basically a set of mini-games. It tries to emphasize the connectedness of different places (which feel like different "worlds") by requiring players to navigate a randomly-generated web of connections between cities, which each offer different selections of destinations. Also the game has 3 distinct phases that are cycled through, which are interconnected by resources. The only way to succeed at the game is to be good at planning your moves, navigating mazes, and rapidly completing tasks. These different jobs are supposed to feel like different "worlds" to the player.

While in zeppelin:
click on destination to move there, or select from tickets at bottom of screen
click on current location to buy tickets and scrap metal

While on foot:
WASD or arrows to move
Press into destructible objects to hack
Press Enter to skip to Repair phase if done exploring

While at the work bench:
Click and hold to weld pipes
Click, hold, and drag to repair canvas
Click, hold, and drag to sharpen machete
Flip switches to equalize pressure

Programming and Design: Ted Carter
Graphics: Lief Holt
Audio: Michael Jones
Voice: Will Bucknum

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Budy8760 Gaming
Awsome Game. 100 stars
0 8 years, 6 months ago

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