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Minecraft Battles

by Budy8760 Gaming

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This is it, My 1st actual game on stencyl. My 1st game was just a test to see how to publish a game and now I have my 1st real game. It is still a HUGE work in progres (for example there are supost to be 10 levels plaus A boss battle) but I wont to see how you like it befor I go finishing it.

Up Arrow: Up
Down Arrow: Down
Left Arrow: Left
Right Arrow: Right
R: Reset
Shift: Speed Boost
For the rest of the keys klick on the little gray butten on the tittle screan.
That will take you to a Help/About screan where you can learn the controles and find out aboutn the game. Plz report aney and all bugs.
I give full thanks to Abigale for the awsome totoreals she made. Art is my own design and is copyright of Budy8760 Gaming.

Version 0.2 Beta Coming Soon


I f you go off the level you can't reset.
0 7 years, 10 months ago
you can't get past Lv.3 and what kind of song is that it's so loud!
0 8 years, 2 weeks ago
Budy8760 Gaming
Ill turn it down. For now just turn down the computer volume

0 8 years, 11 months ago
The minecraft song needs to be turned down. It burns my ears.
0 8 years, 11 months ago
Budy8760 Gaming
Plz leave A constructive coment on my game. Ane bugs you incounter plz let me know here.

0 9 years, 1 week ago

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