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Zelda Roguelike

by Crovaxus17

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We finally have a Beta version up! The following features are included in the current version (2.0):

- Endless procedurally generated dungeon
- Permadeath! Get as far as you can!
- 4 hero classes, each with a distinct style of play
- 6 different character portraits for each class, with matching character sprites
- 13 unique monsters, including 3 elite bosses
- Lock and Key system that requires you to defeat an elite monster every 3 levels in order to progress
- 40 different Lore fragments that drop randomly throughout the dungeon
- 12 different powerups to enhance your character (dropped from monsters, and found inside chests and destructible objects)
- Merchants that sell powerups for coins (collected throughout the dungeon); a merchant is currently guaranteed to spawn every 4 levels
- NPCs that provide extra lore
- 4 different difficulty levels to customize your play experience

Things still to come (hopefully):

- Tweaking stats for better game balance
- More tilesets so the dungeon will change randomly as you progress
- Improved controls (or maybe even custom?)
- More monsters!
- More NPC sprites
- More environment graphics


Major Updates in 1.5:
- More monster types
- Three unique bosses that spawn randomly every 3 levels
- NPCs with dialogue for the player to read
- Merchants that sell power ups in exchange for coins (currently, a merchant always spawns every 4 levels, and rarely spawns randomly other times)
- Changeable character portraits

Updates in 1.4:
- Added the Rogue class.
- Added various decorations and features to the Dungeon, including breakable objects and chests that can be opened.
- Added more monster types.
- Added Lore that the player can discover as they venture further in the dungeon.

Updates in 1.3:
- Improved (I hope) the dungeon generator by making each floor smaller, with rooms closer together
- Number of rooms on each floor is now variable, so each dungeon floor feels less like every other floor
- Enemy projectiles can now be blocked with the player attack
- Mana cost of power attack slightly reduced
- Automatic character limit on the name input screen implemented
- Collision shapes tweaked a bit for enemies
- Mage class added


very nice, deserves more plays.
0 6 years, 1 month ago
Hmmm, I have not encountered the frame drops, but I will keep an eye on it! I am still working on optimizing performance, so maybe it will clear up as I move forward with that process.

0 6 years, 4 months ago
Great game! The only problem i have found so far is that the game starts to drop frames when your player gets to level 3. It may be just my computer, but it works fine before that point.
1 6 years, 4 months ago
It is a very nice game! I like it a lot!
1 6 years, 5 months ago
Update: I think I fixed the glitch so you should be able to restart after death now.
0 6 years, 5 months ago

Move – arrow keys
Attack – [A] key
Hold [A] to charge a power attack

Also, there is currently a glich where the game messes up if you die and then restart. So if you die, for now, try just reloading the page.

0 6 years, 5 months ago

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