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Face Monsters

by TALGames

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First, switch to the plants scene (1) and press S to raise the water. If it is below 10, They wont grow and the plants will begin to die. Also, you must plant at least 3 plants for the next creature to grow

Play Face Monsters. A game all about taking care of your face pets. Raise the water (10 and more), click on monsters to serve them as food for larger beasts, and obtain the final secret monster. switch scenes with 1 2 3. tap on eggs once and go to their crespondant scene to place the egg and wait for it to hatch. Dont leave the eggs alone, wait for them or else they will not hatch. The monsters evolve slowly over time, the more you stare at them, the quicker they grow.
p.s press s to shower

This game is made by me. I also uploaded it to an account called Telo Productions


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