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Rusty Floyd Shotgun WIP 0.1

by KaB00MxRHx

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Movement is now arrows or wad.
Dash is to double-tap whichever way.
Press Esc to pause game and open menu
-On the boss fight, press down to more quickly fall into holes!

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Aug 31, 17: Added fall damage, level texts, dying text, and another level! Have a bug I can't solve where, if you play the second level you'll see when you're up against a wall and shoot the zombies you jump behind the tiles and are stuck there. Working on that.. in the meantime stay away from that wall and if it happens, you unfortunately have to refresh the page to start over.
There's an interesting mechanic to use if you get past that bugged area to easily kill a large amount of zombies with little ammo. Hint: gravity.
Looking to make new enemy types for the next levels with different mechanics to play around, but will have to be making them in photoshop and that takes forever.
Psychedelic theme is still the goal once my art skills get up.
Thanks to anyone who plays it and gives feedback and ideas!

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First ever project. Been stencyling for around 3 weeks so go easy :) . Work-in-progress. Trying to incorporate fall damage, and a few levels with a boss at the end.


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