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That Night at Grover's

by Saturn Productions

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Welcome to The Sesame Street Theme Park! It is being torn down in one day, and you've been hired to protect all the valuable props and animatronics from thieves in the night!
Don't worry, there most likely won't be any trouble!

This is a FNaF Fan game starring the Sesame Street character Grover! You'll need to survive until 6am while he attempts to get to your office!

-Cameras DO NOT RELOAD. This means you will have to continue pressing the key that pertains to the camera you want to reload the image for.
-Oscar can be toggled on and off, if you want an easier gameplay experience, but must be turned on to reach the true ending!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, be sure to comment them down below and leave a like on this game! Thank you!

Update List:
-Oscar must be turned on to reach the true ending;)
-New 'Win' screen if game is beaten without Oscar

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Great game! Are you going to expand upon this series or move onto making another game? We should collaborate sometime!
1 6 years, 3 months ago

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