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Forest (Procedural Generation) v2.1.1

by Fayabella

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A sort of survival game. The worlds are randomly generated.
WASD to move around.
Click to place items, shift-click to delete items or use tools.
Up/down arrows to cycle the hotbar. Or, use the mouse wheel- but that may not be the best idea if your page will scroll with it.
Left/right arrows to cycle tools. Or shift+scroll.
E to open inventory, and within it, Z and X to select/cancel. Arrow keys or scrolling to navigate menus.
R to rotate items before placing, if they're rotatable.
Let me know if there's anything wrong with it!


1.1.0: Jan 30 2019
-Fixed graphical glitches with some of the dirt tiles. Autotiling should account for corners now.

-You can now chop trees! Click on their stumps.

-There is now also a cursor that highlights the tile your mouse is on. Note: If it goes off screen, it may get stuck.

-You can now get rid of grass by clicking on a grass tile! Underneath is dirt. Note: There are a few bugs with this, including random glitches with autotiling and being able to turn water edges into dirt.

-Trees are now aligned to grid properly, and also have slight variation to their position.

1.2.0: Feb 5 2019
-Fixed the bug with autotiling issues.

-Added lighting system and day/night cycle. (You can't place torches yet, as you don't have an inventory, but they do work.)

1.3.0: Feb 18 2019
-Added basic inventory system. I will expand on it in the future.

-Chopping trees now gives you wood, which has no function as of yet.

-You can now place torches! Shift-click to do so (as long as they're in your inventory.) Note: As they're the only item that you can place, I haven't made a system to place different items/select item to place from hotbar, so torches are shift-click's only function.

-Fixed bugs with the water being glitchy by manually replacing the corrupted tileset.

-Fixed an error with the lighting system.

-Game now completely resets when you generate a new level (before, day/night cycle and player position wouldn't reset).

Added a loading screen when generating a level.

1.3.1: Feb 18 2019
-Fixed a small graphical bug where the edges of the screen wouldn't be darkened by the night cycle if the player was moving.

1.4.0: Mar 17 2019
-Improved the inventory: You can now cycle through your items (E or Shift-E) and can place the selected item (if it is a placeable item).

-Added workbench. It serves no purpose as of yet, but will be used for crafting in the future. For now, you get a few in your inventory for placing.

-Made day cycle longer, now 6 minutes long (4 seconds per second).

-Added rocks, which give you stone, iron, and coal.

-Made trees fade when you walk behind them, so you can see the player.

-Made the cursor tween instead of immediately snapping to the grid.

-Fixed light masks spawning 5 pixels left and 5 pixels up.

-Fixed cursor getting stuck on edge of screen.

-Plenty more bug fixes.

2.0.0: May 15 2019
-Added new level generation screen.

-Added a UI. You can access/rearrange your inventory, craft, and generate a new level from it. Hit 'E' to open it, and within it, Z and X to select and cancel.

-Added crafting. You can now craft a variety of items, from tools to workstations.

-Added tools. You now need the right tool to do something. You can upgrade tools. So far there are basic, stone, and copper tools.

-Added 2 more inventory slots.

-Added Mines. Shift-click them to mine down one level. Some patches have more of a certain ore than others!

-Added the Forge. You can craft bars from ores with this.

-You now only have a range of 4 tiles.

-Plentiful bug fixes

-Also probably added some bugs

-You now scroll your inventory with up/down arrow keys, and you cycle tools (separate from inventory) with left/right.

-Stones now give you copper instead of iron, iron is now the 2nd tier metal, found only in deeper levels of mines.

-Added the hoe, with which you can till dirt. Tilling serves no purpose as of yet (but farming shall come).

-You can now click and hold to continuously mine something.

-More small features that I'm sure I forgot to mention.

2.1.0: November 25 2019
-Increased map size.

-Reduced player speed.

-Increased player inventory to 30 slots.

-Added lanterns and lantern posts. Lanterns give off light when held. Press R to rotate lantern posts before placing.

-Revamped the day/night cycle: The colours are new and the transitions are improved.

-Switched shift-click and click in controls.

-Added in useable items; however, none are currently obtainable.

-Added plants: clovers and wildgrass. Clovers are pickable, while wildgrass needs a scythe to cut. Neither have any use yet.

-Added stone scythe for cutting down wildgrass.

-Normal grass now regrows over dirt.

-Added fences.

-Changed cursor; when holding a placeable item, a preview of that item is shown. Normal cursor only visible when holding shift to use tools.

-Added pinecones, with which you can replant trees.

-Fixed lots of bugs, probably creating more in the process.

-Probably a few other things that I forgot to mention. I should really start keeping notes of what I add.

2.1.1- May 9 2020
-Added scroll controls to hotbar. Scroll up/down to cycle through your hotbar, and use shift+scroll to cycle through your tools.

-Added scroll controls to inventory and menus. In the inventory, use shift+scroll to move horizontally, and normal scroll for vertical. The rest are pretty straightforward.

-Switched from arrow keys to WASD for menu controls.

-Trees now take over a day to grow, instead of an hour.

-Removed FPS counter because I'm probably the only one who needs it.

-Other minor tweaks.

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I like the mini map you created very neat.
1 5 years, 5 months ago

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