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Total Party Kill

by AdventureIslands

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Created for Ludum Dare 43 compo in under 48 hours. Theme: Sacrifices must be made. Please leave a comment and rating on the LD page:
https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare /43/total-party-kill

Your party enters a deep and dark dungeon… but sacrifices must be made. Only way forward is creative use of friendly fire.

Control 3 different heroes: a knight, a mage and a rogue, use their special abilities and sacrifice your teammates to reach the goal. As long as one hero survives, you complete the level. Can you reach the legendary treasure at the end of the dungeon?

Arrow Keys = Move
Z = Jump
X = Use character’s attack
A and S = Cycle between heroes
123 = select a hero manually
R = Restart a level
M = Mute music
N = Mute Sounds

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