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July 1, 2024

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June 1, 2024

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May 1, 2024

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April 1, 2024

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February 29, 2024

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November 14, 2020

Full Logs

- Update Stencyl's version numbering scheme (#1920).

- [mac] Drag and drop import doesn't work with file paths that contain emoji (#1880).
- Fix issues with selection while typing in Open Resource Dialog (#1754).

- Fixes to android certificate generation
  1. parent folder wasn't created if it didn't exist
  2. ask to delete existing keystore if it's already there.
  3. ensure keytool is added to the path
  4. don't assume success of the keytool command

macOS/iOS Compilation and Testing:
- Compilation error if Stencyl is installed to a path with spaces in it on macOS. (#1909)
- Can't build macOS/iOS games if Xcode was installed/updated recently and not opened. (#1942)
- Fixed a bug causing iOS compilation errors when using Xcode 10.1 (the latest available on High Sierra). (#1898)
- Building in Xcode is broken, when Xcode is launched from Stencyl. (#1941)
- When testing on iOS, game will fail to launch if debug symbols are missing. (#1940)
- Can install games to iOS 14 devices, but can't launch them from Stencyl. (#1936)

Engine Extensions:
- Fix parsing of linked engine extension paths with extra spacing.
- Allow https links to block help docs.

- Actor scale was unaccounted for in determining if an actor is on screen. (#1918)
- [mac] Game appears in bottom-left corner of screen. (#1813)
- Renamed bringImagetoFront for consistency. (#1891)

Third-Party Libraries:
- Update Lime: 7.6.3 -> 7.8.0

Other minor fixes:
- [mac] Xcode version number detected by Stencyl has only been the major part (10, 11, 12, etc) since Xcode 10.
- [windows] Quieter logging at startup when registry items not found.


August 18, 2020

Highlights from 4.0.2 -> 4.0.3

  • Fully notarized Stencyl for macOS Catalina.
  • Updated Android signing certificate generation
  • Many bug fixes

Full Logs

- [ui] Select first item in Open Resource list when first focused (#1754).
- Fix error when generating scene thumbnails (#1797, #1823).

Scene Designer:
- Fix error in scene editor when transparency/blending is enabled
- Fix deletion order of multi-object selections with z-indexed objects (#1692).
- Don't share processed TileShapes among scenes with different tile sizes (#1859).

Design Mode:
- Fix: Can't find attribute blocks after refreshing attribute definition (#1675).
- Minor English language fixes (#1600).
- Activate/Deactivate status of block isn't retained when duplicated (#1710).
- Sometimes game attributes don't refresh in palette when added (#574).
- Reload attribute name without reloading behavior (#1695).
- Drag and drop blocks to another behaviour doesn't work (#1837).
- Don't allow custom blocks to include same field twice in spec (#1855).
- More logical accuracy of the image property getter block combined with other math operator blocks.
- Fixed error in code preview of "custom event" block when an attribute getter is used for the name.

Actor Type Editor:
- Fix: Looping/Synchronized settings aren't retained when duplicating animations (#1694).
- Warn user and grow imported images that don't cleanly scale (#1677).

External Tools:
- Removed Pencyl, made Pixelitor the default image editor (#1696).

- Fixed downloading of behaviors from StencylForge (#1714).
- Closing backgrounds leaves scaledImagesLoaded in the wrong state (#1872).

- [android] Updated gradle repository links to https (#1751).
- [android] Android Keystore Generator not making usable keystores (#1720).
- [android] Don't allow using JDK higher than 12 for android compilation (#1868).
- [ios] Update GoogleMobileAds and disable SafariServices framework (#1636, #1821). Xcode 11 is now required to enable AdMob.
- [ios] Fix iOS architectures included in builds with min version less than 11 (#1858).
- [ui] Open snippet sources instead of generated files from compilation errors window (#1453).

- [ios] iOS 13 crash when requesting iap product info (#1674).
- [ios] Admob banner bottom in safe area iPhone X or higher (#1880).
- [ios] iPhone X press near screen edge is delayed (#1853). Thanks, tommyill!
- [ios] iOS 3rd party keyboard spelling correction leads to inaccurate text (#1662).
- [debugging] Print the callstack in more places, as well as info on how to enable it (#1842).
- Fix recycling actors with no animation (#1840). Thanks, yoplalala!
- [macos] Start in fullscreen broken on macOS target (#1639).
- [windows] Window zooms in a little every time it's minimized and restored (#1682).

Game Controller (beta feature):
- [ui] Allow ESC to close Game Controller and Build Errors windows (#1634).
- [ui] Correctly link stack traces for Flash and HTML5 in log viewer
- [flash] Fix security warning when updating images (#1455).
- [mobile] Fix: may get wrong local ipv4 address when multiple network interfaces present. If the address that's obtained automatically is still wrong, use the ipv4.local preference to set it manually.
- Fix: Don't establish GCI connection unless the game is open in Stencyl (#1702).
- Animations disappearing and causing crashes when reloaded in some cases (#1670).
- Accept websocket payloads greater than 8KB in SocketInputWorker (#1876).

OS/Tool Compatibility:
- [jdk] Change web address for downloading JDK from Oracle website to AdoptOpenJDK website
- Don't allow non-ascii characters in install path or workspace (#1623).
- [windows] Update VSCode detection locations to include the newer AppData location.
- [macos] macOS Notarization update supporting the hardened runtime requirement. (#1690, #1841).
- [macos] Neko is no longer required to be installed.
- [macos] Fix error on startup when an unpaired iOS device is connected (#1841).
- [macos/linux] Fix some errors that allow an incomplete download of android build-tools/platforms.

General Toolset Issues:
- Less laggy verification textfields (#1833).
- For better version control, more consistent ordering of polygon coordinates (always clockwise in xml), and bundles and engine extensions in game.xml.

Third-Party Libraries:
- Update Format: 3.4.1 -> 3.5.0

- Updated French translation (#1226). Thanks, yoplalala!


December 14, 2019

Highlights from 4.0.1 -> 4.0.2

  • Updated support for: macOS Catalina, Xcode 11, Android API 29
  • 64-bit release for Windows
  • Increased default memory cap
  • Many bug fixes, notably including a fix for scenes that won't open in 4.0.1

Full Logs

- Don't allow resources to be opened while already loading (#1663).

Scene Designer:
- Avoided index out of bounds error causing scenes to not open (#1552).
- Don't try to use custom cursors on unsupported systems (#1498).
- Fix "bring actor to front within layer" functionality.

Design Mode:
- Don't allow dropdown menus beneath blocks to be opened (#547).
- More accurate tinting of Design Mode blocks on macOS/Linux.

Actor Type Editor:
- Don't read in ghost shapes (#1517).
- Always refresh collisions page when animations are added/removed (#1553).
- Fix size of collision bounds of drag-and-drop imported animations.

Behavior Page:
- Behaviors Tab cuts off behaviors with a lot of text (#1591).

External Tools:
- Added missing dependency needed to unzip 7-zip files, including Pencyl (#1531).
- Retry running external commands if they fail due to CreateProcess error (sometimes due to antivirus/cloud sync/etc creating short-lived locks).
- Make VsCode work on macOS if the .app is selected.

- [creation] Prevented higher scale images from being created on import if higher scales are disabled.
- [creation] Fixed a bug with number of rows/columns being swapped when importing tileset image.
- [duplication] Fix: font images not being copied when duplicated (#1542).
- [duplication] Fix: multiple copies of higher scales appearing when duplicating Actor Types (#1554).
- [duplication] Fix: custom blocks in duplicated behaviors still referring to the original (#257).
- [importing] Set atlas ID for imported resources to 0 if atlas does not exist (#1504).
- [importing] Fix loading of tilesets with images that don't match the claimed number of tiles.
- [importing] Fix importing of resource packs with behaviors using each others custom blocks (#1646).
- [exporting] Fix bug causing potentially high size of exported resource packs

Game Settings:
- [scaling] Don't read in enabled scales that have been disabled in project scales (#1548).
- [android] Fixed custom Android keystore paths so they would actually be used.
- [android] Limit allowed Android platforms to ones that have been tested.
- [android] Allow accepting Android licenses from within Stencyl as needed. (#1545).
- [ios] Fix iOS launch storyboard scaling (thread).
- [web preloader] Preloader images can't be cleared (#1538, other little bug).
- [atlases] Fix: Atlas button on scene tab wasn't opening atlas page due to refreshing
- [atlases] Fix: Scene listing in atlas scene manager only shows scenes not in any folder when first opened
- [engine-extensions] Fix: labels extension not appearing by default.

- [codegen] Fixed compilation error with certain number formats that are valid in Java but not Haxe, parse as text instead (#1537).
- [codegen] Don't let faster code generator erroneously succeed if blocks are missing.
- [issues] Hidden pref for showing errors dialog even if there's only warnings. "prefs.compile.showwarn=true"
- [resources] Ensure that we never write out scales that are excluded from project (#1548).
- [windows c++] Fix visual studio detection when vswhere.exe exists but returns bad path
- [ios] Fix Xcode warnings when using deployment targets newer than 9. (thread)
- [ios] Fix various errors when min iOS versions other than 10 are selected.
- [windows] Use the 64-bit release to allow compiling larger projects (thread).
- [windows] Default to 32-bit output for Windows desktop games.
- [windows] Fix typeinfo.h error for recent MS Visual Studio update

- [rendering] Fixed drawing position for simple physics actors with top left origin points (#1506).
- [rendering] Made camera movement smoother by not rounding layer positions (#1525).
- [rendering] Fixed gradient background center being shifted by text/image drawing blocks in previous scene.
- [rendering] Fix tilelayers being cut off when zoomed out in Flash
- [rendering] Fix font width/height blocks for default font when scaled.
- [rendering] Make scaled text respect antialiasing.
- [rendering] Fix crash when reloading screen with scale changes if an actor with no anim is present.
- [rendering] (rare case) Fix drawString on non-flash platforms when tilemap rendering is disabled.
- [rendering] Fix crash when actors are z-ordered in certain ways (#1539).
- [input] Fixed actor mouse detection when x and y scale values are different.
- [input] The "control key is down" block now also works with the command key on Mac (#1489).
- [input] Handle gamepads being added and removed at runtime more gracefully
- [input] Enable multitouch on non-mobile platforms (#1544).
- [sound] Fixed bug with sound channel event not working after pausing and resuming a sound.
- [sound] play/loop sound blocks always start a sound with default volume and pan (#1505).
- [game logic] Added log message clarifying that a transitioning scene cannot be paused (#1520).
- [game logic] Don't retain Instance Customization of actors when recycled (#1558).
- [game logix] Fix native events not being disposed when attached to actors (#1645).
- [preloader] Don't show preloader image in front of preloader bar (#1538, bug #1).
- [coding] Small change to typing of event listeners due to Haxe 4 (#1604).
- [coding] Engine setting for preserving offscreen tolerance (#1601).
- [android] Fix potential crash when gpg signin fails (thread).
- [android] Don't crash when purchases is disconnected mid-operation (#1516).

OS/Tool Compatibility:
- Fixed HTML5 and iOS compilation bug that occurred for some macOS users (thread).
- Stencyl is now bundled with Java 11 on every OS
- Windows 64-bit release now available
- Except for the win32 release, Stencyl opens with an increased default memory cap of 4GB
- Include example java parameter in linux script for hidpi displays
- Xcode 11 support
- Support for using the Desktop/Documents folders on macOS Catalina
- Stencyl dmg releases are notarized for Catalina
- Android API 29 support
- Allow JDKs other than Java 8 for Android compilation.

Third-Party Libraries:
- Update Haxe: 3.4.7 -> 4.0.2
- Update Hxcpp: 4.0.2 -> 4.0.19
- Update OpenFL: 8.7.0 -> 8.9.5
- Update Lime: 7.2.0 -> 7.6.3
- Updated hxp, polygonal-ds, hxtelemetry


Build 10300 - February 21, 2019

Highlights from 4.0.0 -> 4.0.1

  • Scene Designer: Allow setting order of actors within layer, preserve this info in engine
  • Sound Editor: OGG playback support
  • iOS: XCode 10.1 support, and recent simulators (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR)
  • Android: Include 64-bit support and updated theme for alerts to comply with Google Play guidelines

Full Logs

--- Bug Fixes:
- General: Fix error when preferences dialog is accessed.
- General: Package neko with executable permission on linux
- General: Fix Java version detection for Java with no minor/security number. (e.g. "Java 9")
- Actor Editor: Don't create "ghost" collision shapes when importing new actor by drag and drop
- Scene Designer: Fix rare crash when opening scenes -- don't load custom cursors on unsupported systems
- Scene Designer: Update tileset panel in scene designer palette when tileset is modified
- Extensions: Gracefully handle error when invalid "order" is specified in blocks.xml
- Extensions: Catch more errors when loading toolset extensions
- Tileset Editor: Don't allow reimport of externally edited image if size doesn't match
- Tileset Editor: Duplicating rows/columns leads to tiles with duplicate IDs
- Tileset Editor: Index out of bounds when externally editing tileset with multiple scales
- Font Editor: Fixed error with custom font characters when the displayed text is blank.
- Game Controller: Don't lock stencyl when iOS simulator is launched with previously built game
- Game Controller: Give Flash Player a little more time to make a connection.
--- Minor Improvements:
- General: Preserve resource thumbnails when cleaning project for better performance.
- General: Fix reported memory usage of atlases at higher scales
- Design Mode: Faster loading of context menu for empty space -- don't load block picker until selected.
- Android: Improvements to download/install process of android ndk/sdk.
- Android: Changed default Android minimum version to 18 to avoid signing error for newer keystores.
- Android: Updated Gradle version to 4.7 and Gradle plugin to 2.3.0.
- Android: Specify JDK 8 exactly as a requirement for Android development. JDK 11 is not supported yet.
- Android: Better logging when selected "android builds" folder doesn't work
- HTML5: Prevent false-positive error dialog from appearing when testing HTML5.
--- Bug Fixes:
- All: Fixed crash caused by attaching image instance multiple times and then changing scenes
- All: Print warning when trying to draw unloaded tiles instead of crashing
- All: Fixed crash caused by checking the pressure of unused controls.
- Flash/HTML5: Allow spaces in sitelock list
- Cppia: Fix game crash when null access occurs on Cppia in debug mode
- Mobile: Fixed bug with "joystick is pressed" block returning true outside the joystick area.
- HTML5/Desktop/Mobile: Fixed a bug where animation changes were not replacing existing filters.
- HTML5/Desktop/Mobile: Fixed "clear image using image" block for non-Flash platforms.
- HTML5/Desktop/Mobile: Fixed two runtime errors for shaders using arrays.
--- Minor Improvements:
- All: The "send actor to front/back" block will now move the actor to the top/bottom of the layer if the layer doesn't change.
- Desktop/Mobile: Better native error catching in debug mode
- Mobile: Changed a couple of ad-related error messages so they will show up in debug mode.			


Build 10240 - January 16, 2019


  • Bring HTML5 support out of "experimental" phase.
  • Live Reloading (for game testing)
  • Improved performance on mobile / desktop
  • Improved support for larger projects (quicker build times, lower memory usage)
  • Compatibility with the latest SDKs for iOS and Android (API 28)
  • Allow external installs of android ndk/sdk

Full Logs

- Added support for Java 9+
- Works with Xcode 9 and 10
- Fixes issues with macOS High Sierra through macOS Mojave
- Supports latest iPhones and iPads
- Android API 28
x Dropped support for 32-bit linux systems.

Toolset Performance:
- Large games open faster and take less memory.
- Saving games has less overhead.

Engine Performance:
- New binary file format to make games load faster with telemetry running.
- Use tweenxcore instead of Actuate so the engine can handle more tweening.
- Performance updates with the OpenFL update.
x The drawing event can be slower on platforms other than Flash.

Compiling Games:
- Set the targets you want in the "test game" dropdown.
- New compilation errors window.
- Added HXCPP Compile Cache to speed up C++ compilation.
- Open external IDEs (VS Code, HaxeDevelop, and Xcode) from within Stencyl.
  No need for external Haxe install.

- Allow engine extensions to be linked to external folders.
- Localizable Engine Extensions.

New Toolset Features:
- Copy and Paste in Scene Designer

New Blocks:
- get position of item in list
- set font spacing
- fade sound to percent
- go to position in sound
- pan sound
- unmap gamepad controls
- set collision response of two groups
- set screen size
- get / set scale mode
- get / set window scale
- enable / disable scaling of Image API drawing
- create new tile layer

Improved HTML5 Support
Improvements to game scaling, especially entering / exiting fullscreen.
More support for filters and blend modes on non-Flash targets
Integrated consent forms for GDPR-compliance when using AdMob

[Beta Feature] Game Controller:
- Game Controller allows the toolset to communicate with the engine while testing games.
- Run commands
  - Reset a running game
  - Load a specific scene
  - Reload game configuration (size, scaling, settings, etc)
- Logging
  - Per-game-session logging, for cleaner output
  - Jump to source print block, or source of error
- Live Coding (advanced)
  - Execute arbitrary Haxe code while the game is running
- Auto-update Running Games
  - Modify pre-existing resources while testing a game
  - Scenes (reloads the scene if it's currently being tested)
  - Actor Type animations, backgrounds, fonts, etc
  - Configuration (game size, controls, fps monitor, debug drawing, etc)

3.4.0 (Official)

Build 9300 - Feb 14, 2017

Full Logs

(b9300) Tile size is now correct when importing above 1x scale (issue #680).
(b9299) Origin points are now updated when saving actors (issue #378).
(b9298) Modified the image instance blend mode block to clarify that it is flash only (issue #460).
(b9297) Fixed blur transition by forcing pixel size to 15.
(b9296) Help text for random integer block now correctly says that both numbers are inclusive (issue #469).
(b9295) The scene designer no longer changes default zoom based on web scale.
(b9294) Changed "transparency" to "opacity" in the set joystick transparency block (issue #703).
(b9293) Fix: Can't compile with fonts.
(b9291) Fix for b9289 startup error.
(b9288) Fix: Creating a background and later applying scrolling/parallax works now.
(b9287) Fixed shader uniform uResolutionUs (the 1x Stencyl resolution).
(b9286) Fix: Updating behavior properties causes the classname to use the wrong ID.
(b9285) Fixed an issue with spin tween and setting actor direction (issue #407).
(b9284) Fixed issue with slide tween and setting X/Y of an actor (issue #407).
(b9283) Removed android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS and android.permission.USE_CREDENTIALS from Google Play Games AndroidManifest.xml (

3.4.0 (Beta 5)

Build 9279 - Oct 6, 2016

Just in time for Stencyl Jam 16!

This release makes Stencyl compatible with Xcode 8 / iOS10 and fixes many other issues.

  • Compatibility with iOS 10 / Xcode 8
  • Updated AdMob support
  • Many fixes to blocks / design mode
  • Let engine extensions set block context
  • Make preloaders more customizable (via code)

Full Logs

(b9272) Make event names in pane gray when deactivated.
(b9270) Allow engine extensions to set block context. ***
(b9267) View custom block details by right-clicking event wrapper.
(b9263) Add preloader option for custom haxe code. ***
(b9255) Add submenus to "test game" dropdown.
(b9250) Remove iOS device setting from mobile versions.
(b9215) Don't include any keys or certificates in game.xml file of generated games.
(b9210) Switch open resource by dragging blocks over tabs.
(b9209) Use filterable, scrollable menus to select behavior/attribute names in "behavior" blocks.
(b9207) Make attribute and actor group dropdowns in Design Mode scrollable.
(b9199) Create actors, backgrounds, and tilesets by drag and dropping images onto dashboard.
(b9195) Add block for getting opacity of layer.
(b9184) engine.setZoom() now accepts values less than 1. Zooming still doesn't have full support.
Mobile / extensions / keeping things up to date
(b9279) Fix: iOS purchases ask to buy Consumable again.
(b9271) Fix: Publish to Android (,49431.0.html)
(b9261) Fix Mac App Store export.
(b9256) Package different nodejs binaries to fix xcode 8 simulator testing on Sierra.
(b9253) Fix: Admob iOS error on compile
(b9249) Update Google Admob ***
  iOS SDK 7.11.0
  Adroid is using play services 9.4
  Fix: multi time fullscreen ad requests on iOS en Android (load fullscreen ad now before showing)
  Added appID in Admob initialize block (you can find your appid in the Admob Dashboard, different for each platform)
  Added google-play-services-location library.
(b9246) More updates for Xcode 8. ***
  List all simulator devices.
  IOS simulator works now.
  Team ID setting added to iOS certificates page.
  Add option for minimum iOS version deployment.
(b9241) Fix: Let Stencyl understand ios versions 10.0 and higher.
(b9227) Fix: Issue: Game crash if I try to buy an item again on Android (see:
(b9206) Fix: Issue: Free Unmanaged Android Purchase With ID not working.
(b9191) Added Validate Receipt function for iOS only, this function Validate the Purchases, see for more info.
(b9189) Fix: Issue: Billing permission added to all export
(b9188) Android: Added API 20,21 and 22 in dropdown.
  Users needs to update the SDK in SDK Manager manualy
(b9187) Fix: added missing "src" and "res" folder in google play services libraries.
(b9186) Android Purchases: Step 2- Updated google play services to version 9.4 (only the required libraries are now added)
  This Fixed the Google in-App billing (Issue: Piracy on Android is ramped. This needs a major fix...)
  This also update the library for Google Play Games Services
  This also update the library for for Android Admob
(b9185) Android Purchases: Step 1- Rebuild Android Purchases with latest Iabhelper SDK.
General bugfixes
(b9277) Fix: potential issue in log viewer if log message ID grows too large.
(b9269) Fix "Could not find icon path: Icon-32.png" on xcode export.
(b9266) Abbreviate extremely long strings in simple UI prompts.
(b9264) Fix Design Mode block dragging when BetterTouchTools is enabled on Mac. ***
(b9262) Fix: an error dialog infrequently appears when log viewer is open.
(b9245) Fixed "can't find sdk 4.2" error, and some updates for xcode 8. ***
(b9239) Lots of fixes to pre-compilation error detection. ***
(b9234) Fix: Potential NPE when clicking tabs.
(b9229) Fixed some (all?) block sizing issues. ***
(b9220) Fix: Right-click in Design Mode can cause error if certain things are in system clipboard.
(b9219) Use basic red overlay for design mode errors on mac and linux. ***
(b9218) Fix: Default list values don't work until the game is closed, default map values never work. ***
(b9217) "Remove block" context menu option now only removes the block clicked on.
(b9214) Fix: Animated tiles don't reset to the first frame when switching scenes on Flash.
(b9212) Fix: clicking on too much text in text field = crash
(b9203) Fix: Prevent resizing from creating dark edges on transparent images. ***
(b9201) Fix: Event remains highlighted if block is released on it
(b9198) Fix: Previous collision group pairs not recognized in interface when new groups created. ***
(b9196) Don't allow polygons to be created with edges that have zero length.
(b9194) Fix: "Attribute" events don't work when the attribute values are changed remotely.
(b9193) Fix: Compilation error when iterating over Map Game Attributes.
(b9192) Fix: Compilation error when using a number attribute to set z-index.
(b9181) Merged 3 pull requests:
  Fix: Stop tiles animating when game is paused
  Fix: simple physics for HTML5
  Fix: Update Universal.hx to fix scales
Known major issues, and unfinished new features:
- Game Scaling still needs work. If your game isn't scaling properly, let us know.
- Dragging blocks over tabs to go to different behaviors is not fully tested. Undo/redo specifically isn't implemented for that case.
- Zooming the camera isn't fully supported.
Breaking changes and things to keep in mind when updating from 3.4 beta 4.
- Team ID setting added to iOS certificates page.
- Default list values don't work until the game is closed, default map values never work.
- "Attribute" events don't work when the attribute values are changed remotely.

3.4.0 (Beta 4)

Build 9180 - July 7th, 2016

This release fixes a regression related to the Regions feature.

3.4.0 (Beta 3)

Build 9170 - May 11, 2016

This release further improves upon the prior release.

Most notably, we've made major improvements to our scaling mode support and fixed a long-standing issue related to "jittery" movement in games, especially when tweening actors.

 - (b9155) Fix: mouse over scaled rotated actor detection (thanks, yoplalala!)
 - (b9154) Notifications for new repository extension versions and an update all button.
 - (b9148) Refresh dashboard when extensions are enabled/disabled.
 - (b9146) Cache extension repositories.
 - (b9145) HTML5 and Cppia platforms are always enabled.
 - (b9144) Make openfl legacy/next a per-game option in the interface.
 - (b9143) Block placement errors are shown in Design Mode before compiling.
 - (b9141) Fix: Error when taking screenshot of behavior with a large code block in an unviewed event.
 - (b9140) Fix: Smooth layer scrolling without pixel snapping
 - (b9139) Fix: No scale when using non 1x scale
 - (b9138) Fix error when creating new event using keyboard.
 - (b9137) Highlight listed events when hoverd over while dragging blocks.
 - (b9134) Fix: Some older games not opening since b9105.
 - (b9133) Fixed wrong white/red highlights for block snapping related to wrappers, attached blocks, and multiple-block drags.
 - (b9132) Fix: bottom blocks in Design Mode allowing other blocks to snap on beneath them.
 - (b9131) Error reporting fix: Catch Haxe compilation errors reported with a range of line numbers.
 - (b9130) Don't auto-increment mobile game build number when it's set to 1.
 - (b9129) Various fixes to design mode, including drawing bugs, block drag canceling, and undo support.
 - (b9128) Reduce speed of block holding autoscroll a bit.
 - (b9127) Insert duplicated events after the original instead of at the bottom.
 - (b9126) Fix: Pressing enter to find next in Code Preview dialog closes the window.
 - (b9125) Improve smoothness of scrolling by holding blocks near the edge of design mode, and make the right edge only scroll after .5 seconds.
 - (b9124) Fix: Block notches don't draw correctly when behaviors are first opened.
 - (b9123) Fixed glitchy drawing of normal block snap highlight.
 - (b9122) Fix: Can't undo using block picker to place blocks in fields.
 - (b9121) Make design mode not autoscroll when dragging blocks to/from palette.
 - (b9120) Fix: Desktop/mobile, image instance properties can't be accessed using blocks that return dynamic values.
 - (b9118) Further refined block snapping. Action blocks and wrappers also snap in based on mouse position.
 - (b9113) Fix "Scale to Fit (Full Screen)" scale issue.
 - (b9112) Fix "collision group of [ collision shape ]" block when group is inherited from parent actor.
 - (b9111) Fix: Normal blocks can't be dropped into other normal blocks that are overriding some attribute choosers.
 - (b9110) Improve block snapping for multiple nested layers of normal blocks.
 - (b9109) Improve block snapping when it involves wrapper blocks.
 - (b9108) Fix "Scale to Fit (Full Screen)" cropping issue.
 - (b9107) In tileset editor, allow tiles to be moved over previous selection along a single axis.
 - (b9106) Show name of parent actor/scene for events in Open Resource dialog.
 - (b9104) Fix: Full screen when using scale other than 1x
 - (b9101) Update Visual Studio installation instructions
 - (b9100) Fix: catch "Process creation failure : cl.exe" error
 - (b9099) Fix code generation of wrong type name for "collision shape" attributes.
 - (b9098) Fix: layer data is only loaded from first scene due to last commit.
 - (b9097) Update lime (2.6.8 -> 2.9.1) and openfl (3.3.8 -> 3.6.1)
 - (b9096) Update Actuate library from 1.6.5 to 1.8.6.
 - (b9095) Fix: Rectangle tool cursor appears in wrong place when zoomed.
 - (b9094) Fix: Atlas resource list doesn't update with new resources if already open.
 - (b9093) Fix: Scale modes swapped
 - (b9092) Fix: Sorting of atlas/scene tables in atlas manager.
 - (b9091) Fix: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in TableHeaderRenderer
 - (b9090) Fix: Copying a bitmap font is bugged (WIP)
 - (b9088) Fix: Scene layers being toggled invisible when upgrading old projects.
 - (b9087) Fix: prevent null pointer exceptions in region controllers
 - (b9085) Fix: "Scale to Fit (Letterbox)" crops off the edges
 - (b9084) Fix: Cannot scroll when cursor is over block dropdown
 - (b9083) Create "collision shape" attribute type for actor shape blocks.
 - (b9082) Fix: Alt+click block duplication makes next click do nothing.
 - (b9080) "snap to grid" is stuck on when shift is pressed for Rectangle tool
 - (b9079) Fix: Scene grid color dialog disappears when clicked.
 - (b9078) Fix long lines appearing when drawing pencil near scene boundary.
 - (b9077) Don't let blocks with large text areas prevent mouse wheel scrolling of workspace and palette.
 - (b9076) Show warnings for bitrate and metadata when using filedrop to import MP3s.
 - (b9075) Don't scale tiles to be drawn the wrong size in scenes with a different tile size.
 - (b9074) Fix: View code returns blank on all deactivated blocks.
 - (b9073) Fix timed events running when actors are recycled
 - (b9072) Fix: Slight jitter when scrolling (camera centre)
 - (b9072) Fix: Exiting fullscreen reverts to 1x scale
 - (b9071) Fix: Inconsistent naming of "always" event
 - (b9070) Add support for a custom block font
 - (b9069) Fix: error when right-clicking on code mode attributes
 - (b9068) Fix: "Find in Behaviors" highlighting doesn't always work
 - (b9067) Fix: "Find in Behaviors" error in code mode behaviors
 - (b9066) Fix: events pane highlighting is never cleared
 - (b9064) Use escape key to clear block highlighting
 - (b9062) Fix: "has value" block returns true for empty text attribute
 - (b9060) Fix: block context detection (static Script context)
 - (b9057) Add blocks to access collision groups for individual shapes, and get the last created shape.
 - (b9056) Make attribute tween block accept only numbers via dropdown
 - (b9052) Fix: "clear value" and "has value" blocks for primitives
 - (b9050) Clarify limitations of "Auto-scale collision bounds"
 - (b9049) Fix: Error when increasing box collision values beyond bounds
 - (b9048) Fix: missing spaces after parenthesis in two blocks
 - (b9045) Fix: Bitmap font properties don't get saved
 - (b9043) Don't register collisions between regions and tiles.
 - (b9042) Fix: multiple error dialogs shown in case of compilation errors; external output out of order
 - (b9041) Fix: instructions and verification of frame and tileset import dialog
 - (b9040) Fix: "random float between _ and _" block
 - (b9039) Fix: After duplicating an open scene, the original has to be refreshed before further changes are saved.
 - (b9038) Fix: Remove column tool might delete last column.
 - (b9037) Fix: Allow runlengths of more than 32,000 of the same tile in a scene.
 - (b9036) Fix: Actors don't stay put on tile layers that parallax.
 - (b9034) Accurately portray gradient bg's in Scene Designer.
 - (b9033) Fix: Can't edit "Rect Up" collision shape.
 - (b9032) Increase opacity of tileset collision shape overlay.
 - (b9031) Default tile collision shapes are wrong.
 - (b9028) add "random float between" block
 - (b9027) add "Cut" option to block context menu
 - (b9025) add "layer with  exists" block
 - (b9023) add "layer name of " block
 - (b9022) add "null" block
 - (b9021) Fix: "language" block returns text
 - (b9019) add "empty text" and "space" blocks
 - (b9018) Fix: text fields accept animations
 - (b9017) Fix: hide deprecated blocks from block picker
 - (b9014) Fix: "as Number" block doesn't work on CPP targets in some cases
 - (b9013) Don't use escape key to exit fullscreen in desktop games
 - (b9012) Fix: importing sounds from menu File->Import Resource...
 - (b9011) Fix: import OGG file by drag and drop
 - (b9010) Fix: exception if mime type cannot be determined
 - (b9008) Fix: engine extension blocks don't show up after enabling
 - (b9006) Fixed the error when Stencyl attempts to use 3x graphics when only 4x is enabled.
 - (b9007) Updated Admob iOS SDK to v7.7.0.
 - (b9004) Fix error when dragging blocks.
 - (b9000) Fix: making changes in "Settings" reverts name to previous save
 - (b8998) Fix: Stencyl doesn't start with old settings
 - (b8997) Fix: uncaught exception in "Open Resource" dialog
 - (b8995) Fix: splash screen not rendering correctly on Mac
 - (b8994) Fix: error when pressing delete on an empty page or folder
 - (b8993) Fix: importing maps from text files
 - (b8992) Fix: parsing default values for color attributes in code mode
 - (b8991) Multiple changes to how scrolling repeated backgrounds are rendered
 - (b8990) Fix: animated backgrounds on mobile
 - (b8988) Fix: Getters section of Game Attributes shows setters blocks instead of getters blocks
 - (b8987) Add event for fullscreen ads.
 - (b8985) Reorganize palette sections
 - (b8982) Split Sounds & Images palette sections
 - (b8981) Give game attributes their own palette section
 - (b8980) Replace iAds for Admob. Now Admob is build-in for both iOS and Android.
 - (b8974) New blocks to change the drawing layer
 - (b8965) Clarify extension menu items
 - (b8964) Fix: bundled extension not copied to workspace on install
 - (b8961) Fix: search and "Find in Palette" for attribute getters/setters
 - (b8960) Fix: drag & drop mime type detection
 - (b8959) Fix: null pointer exception if sound header cannot be read
 - (b8956) Show warning icon on deprecated blocks
 - (b8952) Fix: animation fields not accepting text blocks
 - (b8951) Fix: Stencyl doesn't close (toolset extension compatibility)
 - (b8950) Don't log taskkill output (looks like an error when it isn't)
 - (b8949) Fix: show favorites submenu for all attribute types in block picker
 - (b8947) Fix: don't show (game) attribute menus for non-attribute types in block picker
 - (b8946) Fix: attribute getters & setters not showing up in block picker
 - (b8942) Fix: mixed up sub menus in block picker
 - (b8936) Fix: don't show error for unsupported Desktop.browse() on Linux
 - (b8935) Fix: create extension repository settings if they don't exist
 - (b8934) Fix: compilation error if custom block is not created after adding the event
 - (b8932) Hide "as animation" block (not needed anymore)
 - (b8918-b8931) Update palette; Improve block formatting
 - (b8916) New "language" block
 - (b8914) Add "exit game" block to block picker
 - (b8913) Better block picker header for memory management
 - (b8912) Add comment wrapper block to block picker
 - (b8911) Add constants blocks to block picker
 - (b8909) Fix: "joystick [id] is pressed" block not working correctly
 - (b8893) Fix: remove old joystick section from block picker
 - (b8884) Fix: check whether imported projects are valid
 - (b8883) Allow to import ZIP project files
 - (b8882) Fix: don't set beta-reports-active for adhoc builds
 - (b8881) Disable StencylForge upload options 
 - (b8876) Support different workspaces per installation
 - (b8872) Clarify attributes text for when no event is selected
 - (b8871) Fix: disable OK button when Controls name verifcation fails
 - (b8870) Remember game settings dialog state
 - (b8869) Fix: add indication of illegal chars in Control name fields

3.4.0 (Beta 2)

Build 8868 - January 7, 2016

This release further improves upon the prior release.

(b8866) Update download link for Visual Studio 2015
(b8864) Add prompt to open and accept Xcode license for desktop builds
(b8863) Fix for regression from b8862 (Missing Joystick class)
(b8862) Fix: Allow repeating backgrounds to animate
(b8861) Fix: exception when opening settings, if no iOS simulator found
(b8860) Fix: don't accept spaces in custom events
(b8859) Fix: show actor/scene name for custom blocks defined in events
(b8858) Fix: Code Mode attributes with ambiguous types
(b8857) Fix: "set center for joystick"-block missing
(b8856) Fix: "current loop count" block, view code shows "index-1"
(b8854) move new joystick blocks to their own palette section (User Input > Joytick)
(b8851) Fix: support 3x joystick images
(b8850) Add crisper default joystick images
(b8849) New joystick blocks (based on the "Virtual Joysticks Extension")
(b8839) Fix: ignore case in engine extension compatibility
(b8832) Fix: be more lenient and catch error in parsing of engine extension version
(b8828) Fix: prevent NPE in LogTableCellRenderer
(b8826) Fix: NPE in determining the name of actor/scene events
(b8825) Remove lang/br (incorrect lang code and very incomplete)
(b8820) Fix: error dialog for parsing code mode attribute definitions
(b8818) Fix: name instead of internal name in remove attribute dialog
(b8814) Fix: Ask user to confirm before deleting Android Keystore
(b8813) Fix: resize yes/no dialogs to fit text
(b8809) Fix: use fallback icon for fonts that cannot display char 'A'
(b8808) Fix: use the actual fonts for the default font previews (Newspaper, Sans Serif, and Typewriter)
(b8807) Fix: only show displayable chars in font preview
(b8806) Fix: error when selecting custom font without choosing one
(b8805) Fix: warn and fall back if font contains no displayable chars
(b8804) Fix: misleading preview image if font has no displayable chars
(b8802) enable 3x scale by default
(b8801) Fix: catch exceptions during parsing of engine extension definitions
(b8799) success/fail dialogs for Run -> Clean Project
(b8796) Fix: Can't drag embedded blocks out of wrappers.
(b8793) Fix: clarify font character sets in dropdown
(b8791) Fix: warn instead of erroring out for attached blocks in extensions
(b8787) Fix: Mac OS X sometimes says that we're an unregistered developer (and won't let Stencyl launch)
(b8786) Fix: FileNotFoundException when copying freeform code
(b8785) Fix: use NIO to avoid "Failed to copy full contents" in SnippetsWriter
(b8784) Fix: warning "Could not add block for tag toggle-flxpause to menu."
(b8783) Fix: Can drag blocks into design mode work area without an event.
(b8782) Fix: groups with return block not snapping into top of event wrapper.
(b8781) Fix: "Attribute doesn't exist" warning for unassigned values
(b8780) Fix: uncaught exception when taking a screenshot of a behavior without events
(b8778) Fix: Actors and Players collide with Tiles even when not set to collide
(b8773) Fix: cannot export actor type that has no animation
(b8772) Fix: parsing numbers in locales using "," as decimal point
(b8771) Full Screen (Interstitial) Ads for iOS and Android (Feedback Wanted)
(b8770) Events for Android Ads (Feedback Wanted)
(b8769) Add anchors (using Definition.tag) for [block] > View Help.
(b8768) Hook up block help url's to new block reference.
(b8762) Allow base palette and event lists to be overwritten with user-defined lists.
(b8761) Fix actors recreated have shorter first frames of animation
(b8761) Fix: error "Array should be Array" when building HTML5 games
(b8760) Fix: Exporting a sound only exports MP3
(b8759) Fix: internal Java error when highlighting a block on Linux
(b8758) Fix: "exit game" block not working on Flash
(b8748) Fixed ConcurrentModificationExceptions in extension repo browser, don't show header for empty extension lists.
(b8747) Expand Deisgn Mode EditArea by dragging blocks near the edge.
(b8746) Fix block drag behavior on multiple monitor setups.
(b8745) Fixed actor customization title not filling horizontal space.
(b8744) Remove misleading "real world gravity" hint
(b8741) Fix: "Games" counter doesn't decrease when deleting games
(b8740) Fix: broken "copy of image" block
(b8739) Broken toolset extensions prevent Stencyl from opening.
(b8738) Android Soft Keyboard support
(b8737) Follow up work on extensions framework.			

3.4.0 (Beta 1)

Build 8734 - October 10, 2015

This release addresses a number of serious issues with the prior release and introduces major improvements to the toolset plugins framework.

  • Enhancement: Extension repositories for downloads and updates.

  • Fix: If user doesn't have Java 8, tell them to download it.
  • Fix: Various tweaks to fix publishing and testing for iOS 9 / Xcode 7
  • Fix: Ask users on El Capitan to install Neko separately (otherwise no games can run).
  • Fix: Random error upon opening game (get/set attribute)
  • Fix: Issue with workspace resetting and missing OS/Java info.
  • Fix: Can't create/remove game attributes when multiple resources are open
  • Fix: Stencyl stops responding when clicked inside log viewer
  • Fix: push/twist blocks do not work with magnitude <= 0
  • Fix: Windows 8.1 and 10 Flash log location
  • Fix: Windows and OS X version detection
  • Fix: Move to Folder grayed out
  • Fix: Atlas settings are not saved
  • Fix: Using [Actor Group] chooser in design mode throws error
  • Fix: Tile collision shapes stopped showing up in Tileset Editor
  • Fix: Bitmap Font image importing
  • Fix: Fix up rendering issues on Game Settings page on Mac
  • Fix: Error in refreshing inventory after deleting scene
  • Fix: ConcurrentModificationException in SceneWriter
  • Fix: Stencyl stops responding when clicked inside log viewer

  • Internal: Update openfl (3.3.8) and lime (2.6.8)


Build 8678 - September 24, 2015

  • Fix: Searching for blocks from the palette
  • Fix: RasterFormatException if characters are defined outside of bitmap font image
  • Fix: "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: null" without stack trace on Linux with Java 8
  • Fix: Toolbar color inconsistency on Mac + Java 1.8
  • Fix: Anti-aliasing on buttons in top toolbar on Mac + Java 1.8
  • Fix: Code for searching for Xcode on Mac
  • Fix: Gravity not resetting on recycle

Build 8670 - September 9, 2015

Stencyl requires Java 8 from now on. A Java 8 JRE comes bundled on Windows and Linux. On Mac, you can get the latest Java from Oracle.

  • Enhancement: Context hinting: places where a block will probably cause an error will be highlighted in red when placing the block.
  • Enhancement: All changes to palette are dynamic. Don't need to refresh behavior after adding game attributes, for example.
  • Enhancement: Engine extensions can be added without closing game.
  • Fix: Can't select animations other than the first
  • Fix Regression: StackOverflowError in Layer.getActorsAtPoint
  • Fix: don't show generic error dialog if another error dialog has been shown already
  • Fix: catch generic Android build failures
  • Fix: Fixed sync'd anims repeating too early.
  • Fix: Exporting sprite uses old format, can't import back in.
  • Fix: Updated NanoHTTPD to fix server-caused errors when running html5 games.
  • Fix: NPE when looking for Xcode.
  • Internal: Block palette and events are stored as xml. Later we'll let them be completely customized or replaced.

Build 8627 - September 1, 2015

This release adds experimental support for HTML5, reduces game testing time by up to 66% and includes a healthy amount of other fixes. We finally have migrated entirely over to Git and are officially accepting contributions (pull requests) to our engine on GitHub.

  • Enhancement: Major speedup to Haxe code generation time.
  • Enhancement: Refreshed Stencyl/stencyl-engine on github. Feel free to contribute!
  • Enhancement: Virtual Joysticks extension has been completely rewritten. Please help us test it out, so we can replace the built in support with this much better version.
  • Fix: Add onGameBuild hook for extensions. It wasn't being called anywhere before.
  • Fix: Delete resource dialog popping up when it shouldn't.
  • Fix: Resource opening upon double click, Windows + Java 8
  • Fix: Error (in log) if XMLGroup.list is empty
  • Fix: ImageUtil.ensureSize for non-BufferedImages
  • Fix: Remove extra semicolon from custom block's sayToScene.
  • Fix: Delete resource dialog popping up when it shouldn't.
  • Fix: Resource opening upon double click, Windows + Java 8
  • Fix: Error (in log) if XMLGroup.list is empty
  • Fix: ImageUtil.ensureSize for non-BufferedImages
  • Fix: Remove extra semicolon from custom block's sayToScene.
  • Fix: NullPointerException when adding favorite blocks
  • Fix: Unexpected error when adding polygon shape to animation with no frames
  • Fix: scaled fonts not being generated after a new scale is enabled
  • Fix: Error 1009 when loading a null map
  • Fix: Show splash screen earlier during startup sequence
  • Fix: Preview code shows same line numbers as generated haxe files.
  • Fix: Fixed sound length blocks for desktop and iOS.
  • Fix: Fixed scale to fit (fill) and scale to fit (letterbox) modes for different game resolutions.
  • Fix: regression: Graphics grow when editing frame
  • Internal: Telemetry support. Download hxscout to take advantage of it.
  • Internal: Updates to dependencies - Lime -> 2.6.1, Openfl -> 3.3.2.

Build 8529 - August 17, 2015

  • Fix: Allow creating a tileset without importing image.
  • Fix: Don't attempt to load images of a tileset that hasn't been created yet.
  • Fix: Set a tileset to be 1 across x 1 down if no image was selected.
  • Fix: Fix: can't edit frames if import scale is set to an unchecked project scale
  • Fix: Don't attempt to open a game if none are selected.
  • Fix: Show play/pause for scene animations button.
  • Fix: Don't allow "none" as main font color.
  • Fix: Don't misfire for Mac OS X version warning (10.10.5).

Build 8502 - August 12, 2015

  • Fix: Fix a regression related to Flash publishing.

Build 8500 - August 11, 2015

  • Fix: Can't create new tileset.
  • Fix: Android build freezing on "adb devices".
  • Fix: Mobile swipe gesture not working.

Build 8495 - August 10, 2015

  • Fix: Uncaught exceptions when entering 0 into tile width/height fields when creating a new tileset.
  • Fix: Cannot open game if tileset image is missing (fallback to empty image).
  • Fix: Catch "Agreeing to the Xcode/iOS license requires admin privileges"
  • Fix: Uncaught exception when removing actor group.
  • Fix: Flash log location changed on Windows 10.
  • Fix: Don't allow a game name to become empty due to illegal characters when importing a game.

Build 8471 - August 5, 2015

  • Major Enhancement: Updated packaged haxe, haxelib, openfl, lime, hxcpp to latest versions.
  • Enhancement: Change JRE bundled with linux 64-bit version from 32-bit JRE to 64-bit JRE.
  • Enhancement: Allow grid color to be specified in Scene Designer.
  • Fix: Parallax Background not animating.
  • Fix: Sliding Transitions not using color backgrounds when active.
  • Fix: Catch error "max_string_size reached".
  • Fix: Improved xcode detection.
  • Fix: iOS version code incrementing automatically, ignoring value in game settings.
  • Fix: Invalid Operation (+) when testing without HOMEDRIVE or HOMEPATH variables set on Windows.
  • Fix: Simple Physics not giving collisions to tiles with Square collision.
  • Fix: Remove all items from map block not working.

Build 8453 - July 24, 2015

  • Fix: Crashing on mobile page when xcode not detected.
  • Fix: Added Stencyl.bat file to windows builds by default with same vm arguments used in the .exe.
  • Fix: Don't allow trying to draw rectangle with actor brush.
  • Fix: NPE in Scene Designer when trying to draw rectangle with no brush.

Build 8449 - July 19, 2015

  • Fix: Controls not saved in behavior settings.
  • Fix: NPE when updating sprites before atlas manager is initialized.
  • Added rectangle tool to Scene Designer.
  • Fix: Fixed compilation issues on Linux 32 bit release.
  • Fix: NPE upon new game creation when xcode isn't detected on Mac.

Build 8429 - July 15, 2015

Followup release that fixes issues with opening up projects created in older versions of Stencyl.

  • Fix: Sample games / projects weren't opening up.
  • Fix: Getting null instead of normal blendmode when updating old games.
  • Fix: Can't save/compile game due to file access conflicts.
  • Fix: iAds - ad shows after it was hidden
  • Fix: Add 3x support to the engine
  • Fix: generic error dialog for android compilation errors
  • Fix: catch error if game format version cannot be parsed
  • Fix: trying to load OSX metadata file as an extension
  • Fix: behavior attributes resetting
  • Fix: catch engine compilation errors
  • Fix: error loading/saving maps
  • Fix: cannot upgrade kit made with earlier version (blendmode is null)
  • Fix: a preference from 3.3 causes uncaught exception when opening earlier version
  • Fix: wrong image dimension written when exporting actors (revert multi-row sprites)
  • Fix: Show warning if game cannot be written because destination file is in use
  • Fix: Rewrote our iAd support from scratch.
  • Fix: uncaught exception when opening game made with 3.3.1 in an earlier version
  • Fix: game doesn't open if actor has a missing sprite
  • Fix: exception on mobile page if no Xcode is installed


Build 8396 - June 15, 2015

We're issuing a release off our planned schedule to address an issue that renders Stencyl unusable on some Mac and Windows systems running Java 8.

  • Enhancement: Upgrade to use Google Play Games instead of legacy purchases and ads API
  • Fix: Stencyl has trouble running on Java 8-based systems, leading to unexplained lag and glitching.
  • Fix: Can't create games or kits under certain circumstances.
  • Fix: Update Windows Launcher with VM arguments to prevent stackless ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception
  • Log all error and warning dialog messages
  • Fix: uncaught exception if attribute dropdown data contains entry not in the form of "name=value"
  • Fix: fall back to empty sprite if actor sprite is missing
  • Fix: catch "Invalid Keystore Format" error
  • Fix: catch ".hxcpp_config.xml (Access Is Denied)" error
  • Fix: catch engine extension compilation errors
  • Fix: catch layer-I or layer-II mp3 error
  • Add warning if engine extension compatibility is set to an unexpected value
  • Allow "desktop" compatibility value
  • Fix: choosing "cancel" on game format prompt doesn't close the game
  • Add prompt for game format upgrade.
  • Revert change that caused regression in game attributes / saving functionality.
  • Fix: cannot load game attribute of type map (serialize and unserialize game attributes on save/load)
  • Fix: detect error "Unable to resolve project target 'android-##'" and show info dialog
  • Fix: bundled Endless Animation behavior (com.stencyl.models.Actor has no field currAnimationAsAnim)
  • Fix: Stencyl not opening if preview platform index is out of bounds
  • Fix: "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: null" without stack trace on Mac with Java 8 (-XX:CompileCommand=exclude,javax/swing/text/GlyphView,getBreakSpot)
  • Disable preallocated exceptions on Mac and Linux (-XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow)
  • Fix: guard against empty names in alphabetized menus
  • Fix: Error closing newly created, unsaved resource
  • Fix: progress window is grabbing focus whenever the message changes
  • Fix: non-hidden boolean attribute defaults and game attribute boolean defaults regressions
  • Fix: uncaught exception when not using "Apply New Category" for game attribute
  • Fix: attribute getter/setter regressions
  • Fix: ClassCastException: ... cannot be cast to stencyl.core.lib.tile.Tileset
  • Fix: Stencyl version logged as "null"
  • Fix: No progress dialog while changing workspace
  • Fix: remove illegal chars from game name when importing
  • Fix: Can’t get application "iPhone Simulator" (now called "iOS Simulator")
  • Fix: missing return statements for non-Android
  • Fix: splash spinner color
  • Fix: uncaught exception preventing opening of scene and settings when an actor references an non-existing actor type
  • Fix: remember last used directory in file dialogs
  • Adjust font character offsets by 1
  • Fix: error when trying to exit non-projector flash game with the exit game block
  • Fix: can't open behaviors, actors or scenes because of an error in creating custom blocks
  • Fix: allow to open folder with FileDialog on OS X
  • Fix: "installed package" is incorrectly reported as an error
  • Fix: regression: kits are not shown
  • Add "exit game", "game URL" and "step size" blocks
  • Additional workspace permission check on startup
  • Fix: catch single character haxe syntax errors
  • Fix: text wrapping on sign-up dialog
  • Show build date in About dialog
  • Show "generate logs" button on error dialogs that ask for logs
  • Show languages from install folder in language chooser (workspace languages take preference)
  • Hide "update language packs" button (currently not supported)
  • Add clarifying note and overlay icons to sign in and sign up dialogs
  • Fix: uncaught exception when creating a new kit
  • Fix: uncaught exception when leaving screen width/height fields empty
  • Fix: uncaught exception when adding a behavior and the "behaviors" dir is missing in the install dir
  • Warn about renaming a game folder to an invalid name
  • Fix: cropped screenshots; still doesn't work in all cases (Thanks, Max Glocking!)
  • Fix: Illegal collision groups (from an old bug) prevent game to run
  • Add message about deprecated Tile API extension
  • Fix: Detect "Error: Could not guess MINGW_ROOT" (missing Visual Studio)
  • Add menu item Debug->Windows->Reinstall Visual Studio
  • Fix: Can't save game if favorite block is missing a definition


Build 8281 - March 24, 2015

  • Fix: Blocks with text fields getting cut off.
  • Fix: Simulated key presses in mouse events can cause key press/release events to fire twice.
  • Fix: Fix up Chrome Web Store support
  • Fix: wrong line delimiter in mm.cfg

Build 8274 - March 17, 2015

Major Items
Improvements to Design Mode
  • Improved Performance
  • Drag Block to Palette to delete it
  • Find Block in behaviors. Right-click a block and choose "Find in Behaviors". This brings up a ctrl+o style menu, except you can use ctrl and shift to select multiple items to open. The search results will use the same "flashing" effect that blocks have when found in the palette.
  • Hover block over event pane to navigate to another event. If you use the split pane feature, you can even drag blocks from one behaviors to another.

Other Improvements
  • Fix: "Starting: Intent" is incorrectly interpreted as an error.
  • Fix: Drawing error when large code blocks have the red error effect applied.
  • Fix: Bad type conversion, empty non-hidden map attributes initialized as text.
  • Fix: Game name verification being applied to game description caused hanging in settings dialog
  • Implemented copy of map block.
  • Fix: "on screen" area being initialized to location of camera in previous scene.
  • Fix: Camera position getter not updating until next game loop.
  • Fix: launch image resizing regression
  • Fix: Performance regression on iOS / Android / Desktop due to HXCPP (3rd-party) bug.
  • Fix: Auto-clicking glitch when dragging blocks by field.
  • Fix: Error when opening block menu on dragged block.
  • Fix: Added converters for "enable-tile-wire" and "disable-tile-wire".
  • Fix: Error when saving code in external editor after closing Stencyl tab for that code.
  • Fix: Error when switching layers in Scene Designer.
  • Fix: Android min and target versions in game settings being ignored.
  • Fix: iAds top/bottom mixup
  • Fix: iAds - bottom ads (post-correction) not displaying in landscape
  • Fix: regression reading custom blocks
  • Add "Don't show again" button to unexpected problem dialog
  • Fix: change name of game folder manually breaks the game
  • Fix: uncaught exception for illegal custom block definitions
  • Fix: "newSize must be lower than the image width" when accessing attribute dropdown
  • Fix: Add Engine parameter to new() in code mode templates
  • Fix: uncaught exceptions with corrupted bitmap font
  • Improve error message for missing MP3s for Flash
  • Partial Fix: Fonts Page / Font Picker is broken
  • Fix: Android build fails when changing app ID (Multiple dex files define Lcom/yourname/gamename/BuildConfig;)
  • Fix: save game before publishing
  • Change to current dir in Linux launch script to make it runnable from anywhere (Thanks, yoplalala!)
  • Fix: Prompt for game format update and clean project to prevent build failing with "too many arguments"
  • Fix: uncaught exception if actor sprite image is missing
  • Fix: hide progress when error dialog is shown
  • Fix: don't allow leading or trailing spaces in game or resource names
  • Fix: old build may be launched when building for Flash fails
  • Fix: error in exception handler when stack trace is empty
  • Hide non-functional Check Syntax button in code mode behaviors
  • Fix: log viewer popping up when testing in browser, even when there was no error
  • Fix: exception on the event-dispatch-thread aren't shown
  • Fix: long text is cropped in message dialogs
  • Warn about unclean install over an old installation
  • Warn about missing write permissions for workspace (and suggets to run "as administrator" on Windows)
  • Allow most blocks to be used globally.
  • Fix: Iterating over null list when an actor group doesn't collide with other groups.
  • Update detection of Visual Studio to include non-Express and 2013 versions
  • Improve detection of JDK on non-English Windows systems
  • Fix: native FileDialog does not allow selection of folders on Windows
  • Fix: Block errors can be hidden behind blocks.
  • Fix: Editing one tile from frame edit dialog replaces whole tileset.
  • Update Java JDK installation instructions
  • Fix: Collision points not updating for continuous (sliding) collisions.
  • Fix: Layers with custom scrollfactor don't always draw tiles at edge of screen.
  • Fix: NPE in tileset editor when closing context menu by clicking on tile.
  • Fix: Design Mode blocks being cut off.
  • Fix: Don't allow blocks to be released outside of work area bounds.
  • Fix: Block under mouse detection not checking top-most blocks first.
  • Engine extensions: show custom icons on blocks. [c:icon-name] = extension/block-icons/icon-name.png
  • Fix: Cannot compile games or download resources if user name contains non-ASCII chars on Windows ("unknown protocol: c")
  • Fix: fresh workspace has empty locale setting
  • Fix: Atlas-scene binding being reset.
  • Fix: uncaught exception when canceling export of resource
  • Fix: uncaught exception in when changing physics settings
  • Fix: Tile collisions in Simple Physics.
  • Fix: Cannot add listener function to null region.
  • Fix: Hitboxes not colliding with correct hitboxes.
  • Fix: prevent NPE when image from StencylForge cannot be read
  • Fix: Cannot determine bundle ID from provisioning profile if keys are ordered differently
  • Fix: missing scene XML when the scene resource has same ID as another resource
  • Fix: uncaught exception when collapsing "From your game" or "From your library" in behavior chooser
  • Fix: uncaught exception when duplicating scene that has not been opened before
  • Fix: symbolic links are not preserved when installing Android SDK
  • Use "Copy x of" instead of "Copy of Copy of" after duplicating multiple times
  • Fix: detection of toolset exceptions might produce false positives
  • Fix: Scale to Fit (Full Screen) (full fix)
  • Force-add beta-reports-active = true to entitlements. If you get an error upon publishing your game, you need to remake your provision profiles. See:
  • Fix: error when creating thumbnail for scenes smaller than 120x90
  • Fix: Scale to Fit (Full Screen)
  • Fix: uncaught exception after downloading a toolset exception
  • Detect exceptions from toolset extensions and show more informative error message
  • Initially hide details from uncaught exception dialogs
  • Fix: Fix scaling issues on mobile targets caused by OpenFL changes. (should now work)
  • Fix: Fix scaling issues on mobile targets caused by OpenFL changes. (Undone since the fix caused more issues than it fixed)
  • Fix: simulator always launches as a 3.5" device
  • Fix: no logs from iOS games
  • Fixes to Google Purchases v3
  • Fix: Remove CFBundleIconFile and CFBundleIcons from Info.plist templates
  • Fix: Cannot get/set game attribute in global custom blocks
  • Fix: Increase width of Palette to make space for Maps in Attributes category
  • Fix: Workaround for uncaught exception when dragging a palette tab
  • Automate Android SDK installation on Linux (don't require user to run script manually)
  • Fix: attachImageToActor not working with 3x scale (Thanks, RedEvo!)
  • Better error message for out-of-memory errors
  • Use monospaced font in log viewer
  • Fix: uncaught exception when using the dropdown of behavior blocks (DelayedMenuLayout cannot be cast to GridBagLayout)
  • Fix: Pencyl not working on Windows.
  • Kill haxe processes on Windows
  • Fix: error when opening resource after opening it in quick succession ('Document " + " is not opened.')
  • Fix: "RasterFormatException: (y + height) is outside raster" when importing actors(?)
  • Fix: Don't use bold font for non-English
  • Fall back to English for missing translations instead of showing [Missing]
  • Fix: Show an error dialog for missing/corrupted scenes
  • Fix: Don't warn about being unable to refresh, when closing a tab
  • Fix: Regions and Doodads buttons should not have buttons in collision group settings
  • Game-specific extension data
  • Find Block in behaviors.
  • Drag block to palette to throw away.
  • Hover block over event pane to navigate to another event.
  • Improve block dragging performance for huge events.
  • Misc. fixes to dragging blocks from palette.
  • Fix: workaround for uncaught exceptions in GameLibrary.refreshCounts
  • Fix: uncaught exception in Atlas.memoryUsageUpdated
  • Change log level of Android device logs to debug
  • Add process name to log statements of external processes
  • Fix: Shaking scene when not zoomed in
  • Add option to hide columns in log viewer
  • Add milliseconds to time column and hide date from time column in log viewer
  • Fix: importing Map entries from a text file adds "key -> |" instead of "key -> value"
  • Fix: show error dialog when memory exceeded while searching StencylForge
  • Fix: Stencyl fails to launch when the 'extensions' folder is missing and can't be created
  • Fix: import scale preference not being saved
  • Fix: phone-only setting not being saved
  • Fix: all cases of IllegalArgumentException: Width (-1) and height (-1) cannot be <= 0 in getBufferedImage
  • Fix: unexpected problem in palette search (ClassCastException cannot be cast to java.lang.String)
  • Fix: unexpected problem when failing to read an image (workaround for throwing undocumented IndexOutOfBoundsException)
  • (Another) Fix to compile error caused by Android Purchases upgrade.
  • Remove references to old billing plugin from Android manifest.
  • Fix: iOS tabled-only builds fail because of incorrect LaunchImage names
  • Fix to compile error caused by Android Purchases upgrade.
  • Draw native scrollbars on Macs.
  • Draw (some) native buttons on all platforms.
  • Fix: "keys of as list" returns values
  • Add "Generate Logs" and "Force Quit" button to the Unexpected Problem dialog
  • Fix: corrupted or missing background images prevent game from opening.
  • Fix: "running on" block doesn't detect iPhone 6+ with Display Zoom mode enabled
  • Fix: "data for collided tile" block doesn't work in scene behaviors
  • Fix: uncaught exception when right-clicking "This game contains no [...]. Click here to create one."
  • Fix: uncaught exception when closing a bitmap font without image
  • Fix: hide unimplemented font spacing tab


Build 7994 - December 16, 2014

- Fix: Null pointer when an actor still exists even though it's layer was removed.
- Fix: Animated tiles not saving to the right filename.
- Fix: Missing block help texts ( and
- Fix: Stencyl fails to launch when there is an error reading the extensions dir
- Fix: Error when creating IPA (NPE in IOUtils.copyLarge because of custom Entitlements.plist)
- Fix: cannot save game when resource pack icon size cannot be determined (IllegalArgumentException: Width (-1) and height (-1) cannot be <= 0)
- Fix: uncaught exception for out-of-sync blocks with no fields (IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0 at RangeCheck)
- Fix: Unknown action: menu.gameedit: "Download" and others (wrong action listener registered)
- Fix: unexpected problem when right-clicking to close a tab
- Fix: frame rate drop and random crashes when putting "always active" in a "when updating" event

Build 7972 - December 12, 2014

- Fix: No Extensions were loading.

Build 7970 - December 11, 2014

What's new in Stencyl 3.2?

Features Major Improvements Other Improvements
  • Folders for the Scene Designer's Actor Palette
  • Backgrounds are now treated as Layers in the Scene Designer
  • Improved Log Viewer
  • Improved Error Reporting
  • Integrate the Tile API into the main block set
  • Various block improvements and additions (for heavily requested blocks)
  • (View the Full Changelist below for all improvements and bug fixes)

Full Changelist (since v3.1, Build 7305)


(Notice: Are your extensions no longer showing up in 3.1? ZIP them up and install them back into Stencyl.)

Build 7305 - May 23, 2014

- Desktop Full Screen was causing Flash games to draw as blank.

Build 7303 - May 21, 2014

- Scale to Fit (Full Screen) was applying wrong scaling logic in some cases.
- Fix height of ad block.
- Create new preferences file (boot.txt) if it is missing at startup.
- Fix actor type and scene attribute setters.
- Add blocks to get/set actor opacity.

Build 7293 - May 17, 2014

- Fix issue when using a Scale > 1 and Max Scale = 0 on Flash.
- Change version number to 3.1.

Build 7289 - May 14, 2014

What's new in Stencyl 3.1?

Features New Blocks
  • Set/Get drawing order for actors within a layer.
  • RGB to Color
  • Current Scale
  • Get Sound Position
  • Get Sound Length
  • Get Sound by Name
  • Altering mass, angular mass and damping.
  • Atlas is loaded?
  • Create circular region
  • Add degrees/radians dropdown to sin/cos block
  • All of the blocks corresponding to the Image API
New Events
  • When any key is pressed/released
  • Up to 4x the capacity for animations on mobile targets.
  • New Scale Mode: Scale to Fit (Full Screen)
  • Honor "atlases" for sounds to reduce initial loading times for mobile games.
  • Honor atlases for standalone desktop games.
  • Move user-made extensions over to the workspace folder, so they don't get overwritten.
  • Don't tile combine for Simple Physics games.
  • For layers with no tiles, don't do a drawing pass.
  • Support Unicode in downloaded text or text from external files via Script.convertToPseudoUnicode().
  • Add a Haxe Flags field.
  • Map 'Test Scene' to Ctrl - Shift - Enter when a scene is active.
  • Add ability to shut off high-res graphics for a game. (Settings > General > Advanced)
  • Add subdirectory support for the "extras" folder
  • Experimental support for adjusting the scroll speeds for individual layers.
  • Add incompatibility warning for Mac OS X 10.7 and below.
  • Enhance compile error detection and reporting for general users.
  • Add the build number to the title and about screen.
  • Auto-insert code block in "import" and "code" events.
  • Comment wrapper block is now gray like other comment blocks.
  • Clarify wording on camera move blocks; add x/y-center options to camera getter.
  • Add rename to right-click menu for Events
  • Report multiple collision points per collision
  • Support for favorites in the block picker
  • Add right-click->Find Setter/Getter in Palette to attributes pane
  • Add Find in Palette option to search results
  • Sort attached behaviors by folder and name
  • Enable debug drawing for joints
  • Sort games in welcome center by name
  • Show home directory in import resource dialog
  • Add Anything and Joint attribute types
  • Sort attributes in block picker
  • Add Reset Layout option to View menu in for scene designer
  • Add shortcuts for flipping between Palette/Attributes/Favorites.
  • Add a search bar to the code preview
  • Show custom blocks in palette search results
Major Fixes
  • Memory leak in music playback on desktop and mobile targets.
  • Delayed sound playback on some Android devices.
  • Stuttery sound playback and lowered performance on low-end Android devices.
  • Android product IDs were coming back malformed.
  • iOS Simulator wasn't working with iOS 7.1.
  • Improve image resizing algorithm when downsizing images for mobile.
Other Fixes
  • Remove "60" limit from iOS/Android version code fields.
  • Every atlas had resource "0" included in it.
  • Division math bug with "half-width of", "half-height of" blocks.
  • Fix one off errors in Utils.hx.
  • Type casting error when using Terrain Regions and Type Collision events.
  • Block help URLs were wrong.
  • Users coming from 2.0 who were using the splash screen were unable to open the Settings dialog.
  • Guard against % in game attribute (and other) blocks.
  • Add null check to swipe listeners to avoid crash.
  • Clean up Actor listeners more thoroughly.
  • Fix FPS monitor position when you flip between full screen and windowed.
  • Animated tiles sometimes wouldn't on mobile targets.
  • Guard against selecting scales that don't exist in FrameImportDialog.
  • Game Attributes with special characters can break a project.
  • X of collision and Y of collision sometimes give half coordinates.
  • Increased performance when using tint filter by itself on desktop/mobile.
  • Fix category of attribute setters for actor type, control, scene and sound in palette.
  • Fix mouse coordinates don't match Zoom setting in Collision tab.
  • Scene reverts to old name when opening after right-click->rename.
  • Create Game Attribute button in Palette shows Game Settings even if canceled.
  • Testing in browser on Linux opens the SWF in a text editor if not running Gnome.
  • Temporary logs folder (stencylTempLogs) is not deleted when you cancel generating logs.
  • Extension block fields of type anything have an empty block picker.
  • First time opening object type dropdown the image and image instance menus are not displayed.
  • Can't access quick commands.
  • Prevent getting stuck on "Got deadlocked while loading languages" forever, if workspace is moved/missing.
  • Icon is lost if smaller than 1024 x 1024.
  • Turn off caching for image from file block.
  • Fix preloader preview and add zoom buttons
  • Duplicating an event puts the event block in the clipboard
  • Assigning some keys as controls prevent game from launching
  • SWF scaling is wrong in Flash Player if player size is different than SWF size (this fixes the need to reload the SWF when testing in Flash Player on Linux)
  • Generate Logs shows success even if logs could not be generated
  • Fix close button not being grayed out when tab isn't closeable
  • List default values not adding
  • Fix size of polygon collision editor


Build 6990 - February 25, 2014

- Fix up position of Newgrounds leaderboard for scaled games. [Ref]

Build 6989 - February 24, 2014

- Add button to Create New Game dialog that directs user to Sample Games page.

Build 6988 - February 23, 2014

- Force workspace folders to create. [Ref]

Build 6987 - February 21, 2014

Initial Version of Stencyl 3.0.