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Tiny Guns

by AdventureIslands

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Demo of my upcoming Wild West themed shooter Tiny Guns. It's a run and gun game where you must shoot your way through various western settings to reach a tough criminal boss at the end of each stage.


Use ASD to Move and Duck. use J and K keys to jump and shoot. Press S while jumping to aim gun downwards to shoot beneath you.

Arrow Keys:
Use Arrow to Move and Duck. use Z and X keys to jump and shoot. Press down arrow key while jumping to aim gun downwards to shoot beneath you.

To use knife, run against an enemy from side and press any Shooting key. It deals twice bullet damage, can only be used on ground.


You know this is a good game but let me give some criticism. First of all, THE GAME IS TOO HARD. Well, at least for me anyways. To give you an example of what I'm talking about, I lost all of my 10 lives on the second screen of the FIRST LEVEL. Second of all, the characters have no differences between them AT ALL. For a game having 2 playable characters in them, I saw no differences between them. What's the point of adding two playable characters if they both play the same? Finally, I had trouble transitioning myself to the sequel. I mean, the previous game was a multiplayer-competitive game. The new game is an action-platformer. There will be some trouble for some veterans of the previous game to transition to this game. Now, time for the positive! Of course, this is the epic duo of KFF and AdventIslands, so the music and graphics are very well done. And for an action-platformer, it actually works pretty well. I'm disappointed that you can't get weapon pickups like in the previous game though. =(

So, I think this demo is okay, you could work better on some aspects, but I thought this game was nice. :)

7 out of 10 IMO.

PS. Yes, I was the guy who asked you to do pixel art for my game. Now I'm capable of doing that. :D

0 10 years, 9 months ago
Super nice music and art work! Looking forward to the final version.
0 10 years, 9 months ago
cool game
0 10 years, 9 months ago

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