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Soul TD

by Beaumint

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This is currently the alpha of my game and is totally unfinished but wanted to give some a peek at what I'm working toward.
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The Malevolent Monarch marches her way across the countryside, creating an army of abominations from the claimed souls of the innocent. Completely out of options, your people turn to the once worshipped deities of the elements. They answer the call and offer their assistance in exchange for the souls of the Monarchs army.

It is now up to you to manipulate the elemental deities powers through the construction of advanced towers that your civilization have created.

- Level up your elemental affinity with each deity by offering souls to them. Leveling up different elements allows the construction of that element. Combining multiple elements results in more devastating towers.
- Create additional towers and upgrade them with the use of gold. Towers gains additional powers that grow in strength as you level them up.
- Minions from the Monarchs army drop varying amounts of gold when killed. Slaying them also supplies you with souls that you may offer to the deities.

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Pretty good start but the game says you win even if you you lose all you health. I Think the buzz and the voice sound that plays when you can't upgrade is too loud. It'll also bee nice if there was a confirmation sound or something to let people know when they're in construct mode after the first time, I got confused because I didn't think the button was doing anything.
0 11 years, 3 days ago

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