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ONE Minuite to Live!

by Warzone Gamez

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You have 1 minuite to set up defences before a massive horde of zombies come rushing at you! Set up your limited defences, then take on a horde of vicious zombies! Arrow keys to move, drag to go across the screen, click to shoot when avaliable. The game will lag on older computers. Have fun!

Here are the controls
Okay, to move while in the "add defense" mode. Press down on the mouse to basicly drag the camera/mouse thing. Drag the barricades, zappers, bombs and c4 to the desired location with the mouse. When you run out if time and you go into "defend" mode, use arrow keys to move, and press on the mouse to shoot. Flaming zombies can destroy barricades and zappers, normal can only harm you and the machine.

I know the game is a little glitchy and laggy at the moment. I ran out of time for the LD compo.
Tanner Daniels (age 14)

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I didn't know what I was doing at first, should have read the directions, pretty cool concept Man.!
0 10 years, 6 months ago

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