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Elemental Castle Adventure

by merrak

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You are trapped in a castle full of anthropomorphic elements! Can you figure out how to defeat them all and plot your escape?

Elemental Castle Adventure was inspired by two old games--"Castle Adventure" by Kevin Bales, and "Dungeon of Shalan"

Each elemental can be defeated by striking it with one particular object. Your task is to figure out which object is its weakness--and where it is in the castle.

Along the way, you may find items which provide special bonuses, or that can be used to subdue various other threats.

Can you figure out how to keep the ghoul away? What about spiders and rats?

You can only carry one item at a time, so a bit of strategy may be required so that the tools you need are available when you need them.

If you die, you usually are reborn in the last "named" room you entered. The only exceptions to this rule are the rooms with elementals in them (since they will attack you on sight). There's no other penalty for dying, other than maybe a bruised sense of pride. Can you beat the game with zero deaths? :)

It might take some time to solve all the puzzles. If you really want, you can read the walkthrough here:

http://anorthogonaluniverse.com/war ning.html

There's also the map, if you just want a hint without the full explanations:

http://anorthogonaluniverse.com/mis c/map.png

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awesome game!
0 7 years, 3 months ago

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