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Escape Master

by Raiyumi

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Many were eager, but all have fallen due to the trickery of Doctor Grey. Can you survive the 30 deadly levels lying ahead? Or are you that pro to conquer the 10 impossible levels. Try to be the escape master on the Highscore boards with Time Attack mode.

Update1/2 - Fixed menu music since Mochiads disables it. Removed the 'Play more'(Since it was just there for decor)
*Apparently mochiad still disables it, I believe this started when I switched out the Stencyl splash screen.*


cool game. hard but fun just my style

0 11 years, 11 months ago
hard... i can't even get past the 2nd level!
1 11 years, 12 months ago
Hard and cool, love it!
0 12 years, 6 days ago
I think I'll increase the difficulty just for you. xD
I don't have plans working on this game anymore, but I might make a sequel. >:D

0 12 years, 6 days ago
I think you should make the jump higher and not so hard from the beginning :P lol
1 12 years, 1 week ago
Haha, most likely since I was new to Stencyl a normal wall jump would trigger a bunch of other bugs I didn't want to deal with. (Since some levels require you to be against a wall while jumping, but NOT wall jump.)Once you get use to the wall jump mechanic it should get somewhat easier.

On the left side bar there should be a tab called 'Loading Screen'.

0 12 years, 1 week ago
Holy darn this game is hard. Haha. probably even harder than mine.

I think it is otherwise great even if the difficulty is quite tough right from the beginning, but I don't like how the wall jump is done. Took me a moment to figure it out. Why didn't you make it use just normal jump?

1 12 years, 1 week ago
I find the wall jump too hard to make, reminds me of that in Super Metroid, I could never do it. Why so hard? Should be simple.
1 12 years, 1 week ago
Hey man,ive finished making a game but i have no idea how to make a LOADING bar,plz tell me how to make a LOADING BAR or link a TUTORIAL for it!?
0 12 years, 1 week ago
Cute game just prepare a to die a lot XD
0 12 years, 1 week ago

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