Importing Resources

by Jon (Updated on 2015-10-12)



Importing resources is a key part of the Stencyl workflow. This article talks about the various ways of pulling in graphics, sounds and other resources into your game.

The Two Methods

In general, you can import resources through one of the following methods.

  1. Picking a file from the file system
  2. Drag and Drop from the file explorer

The remainder of this article links to articles that talk specifically about how you import each resource type.

Importing Animations

Animations are visual states for Actors.

Read our article on Animations to learn how to import them.

Importing Tilesets

Tilesets are collections of Tiles, the building blocks for scenes/levels.

Read our article on Tilesets & Tiles to learn how to import them.

Importing Backgrounds

Backgrounds are large images that usually scroll alongside a scene, either entirely behind or in front of a scene.

Read our article on Backgrounds to learn how to import them.

Importing Sounds

Sounds represent clips of sound effects or entire music tracks.

Read our article on Sounds to learn how to import them.

Importing Behaviors

Besides creating new behaviors on your own, Behaviors can come in from two sources.

  1. Local File System
  2. From our pre-shipped collection

To import Behaviors from your computer, click Import... in the top toolbar and pick out the Behavior. Behaviors are PNG files embedded with metadata.

To import a pre-shipped behaviors, read this article.