What's New in Stencyl 3.4?

Stay up to date with the latest requirements from Apple & Google. Many bug fixes.

Compatibility with iOS 10 / OS X Sierra
Have the peace of mind that Stencyl works with the latest Apple hardware and software.
Design Mode Enhancements
Real-time error highlighting, organized palette, improved block snapping and formatting.
Faster Compilation Time
Spend less time waiting for games to build, more time designing your game.

Blocks Guide
No more undocumented blocks. We've created a dedicated guide for them.
Open-Source Engine
Stencyl's engine is now on Github. We invite you to submit fixes and enhancements to the engine.
100+ bug fixes
We've focused on making a stabler experience for you. What has been fixed?

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What's New in Stencyl 3.3?

Stay up to date with the latest requirements from Apple & Google. Many bug fixes.

64-bit iOS Games
Apple is now requiring all games to be built as 64-bit apps.
Google Purchases v3
Support for the latest version of Google's in-app purchases service.

Improvements to Design Mode
Better performance. Find Block in behaviors. Drag block to palette to delete. And more...
100+ bug fixes
We've focused on making a stabler, more enjoyable experience. What has been fixed?

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What's New in Stencyl 3.2?

Shaders, Gamepads, Maps, Compatibility with iOS 8 & Yosemite, and more

Compatibility with iOS 8 / OS X Yosemite

Compatibility with iOS 8 / OS X Yosemite
Have the peace of mind that Stencyl works with the latest Apple hardware and software.

Shaders are filters that apply visual effects to the entire screen in real-time.
Gamepad Support

Gamepad Support
Add the ability to hook up external controllers and gamepads to your Mac and PC games.

Maps (Dictionaries)

Maps let you store unordered collections of data using names, rather than numbers as the keys.
Reworked Atlas Manager

Reworked Atlas Manager
Our new Atlas Manager lets you manage resources for your mobile and desktop games with greater ease than before, particularly for large projects.
Reworked Tileset Editor

Reworked Tileset Editor
Our updated Tileset Editor gives you direct control over your Tileset's organization and data, making it easier to tweak it after the fact.

Improvements to Backgrounds
Backgrounds are now treated as layers in the Scene Designer. You can also set their parallax scrolling speeds, opacity and blend modes. Learn More
Updated AdMob Support
We've updated our integrated AdMob plugin to the latest major version from Google.
And Much More...
View this page to see all of the fixes and enhancements rolled out as part of Stencyl 3.2.

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What's New in Stencyl 3.1?

Image API, Bitmap Fonts, Simple Actors and more...

Image API

Image API
The Image API lets you create, modify and manipulate image data in your game. This opens up the door to entirely new kinds of games that were previously impossible or difficult to achieve.
Image API

Bitmap Fonts
Import bitmap fonts from images created in other applications such as Photoshop or AngelCode. This enables fonts with visual effects and character sets that our current system does not support.
Image API

Simple Actors
Actors that incur no penalty for existing. Great for non-physics games, particles, environmental props and non-interactive eye candy.

Lifted Limits on Animations
Previously, long animations would show up as white squares showing up inside mobile games due to an image-size limit. We've altered the way we store animations, so this limit is up to 4x higher.
Fixes to Sound Playback
Sound playback no longer leaks memory on desktop and mobile targets. Delayed playback on some Android devices has been fixed.
And Much More...
View this page to see all of the fixes and enhancements rolled out as part of Stencyl 3.1.

What's New in Stencyl 3.0?

For those who are migrating from Stencyl 1.0-2.2

Publish to Android / Google Play

Stencyl now supports the world's most popular mobile platform. Test your games on Android devices and publish them to Google Play using the same tools you're already familiar with.
Publish to the Mac App Store

Mac App Store
While prior versions of Stencyl supported Mac exporting, Stencyl now exports native Mac apps ready for publication to the Mac App Store.
Publish Desktop Games

Native Desktop Games
Prior versions of Stencyl exported desktop games based on Adobe AIR. Stencyl now supports native, hardware-accelerated Windows, Mac and Linux games that provide superior performance and a better overall experience.

Improved Mobile Workflow
Every aspect of the mobile testing and publishing workflow has been improved. You can publish iOS games straight off your Mac and test games without fussing around with MAC addresses.
Unified Engine
Prior versions of Stencyl were based on separate runtimes for Flash and iOS. We've now merged these into a single runtime written in one language (Haxe), which will lead to fewer bugs and faster updates in the long run.
Improved Performance
Stencyl's runtime runs faster, uses less memory and is less prone to crashing than prior versions. We spent a lot of time tuning the engine for 3.0 and will continue to improve it in the future.

The Details

The full list of changes in Stencyl 3.0
  • Publish to iOS, Android, Flash, Standalone Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Publish all games directly from your computer.
  • Unification - 1 engine, 1 programming language (Haxe)
  • Open Framework for building new native and pure Haxe extensions.

  • Improved Font Support
  • Improved Translation (Language Pack) Support
  • Draw UTF-8 (international) characters in-game
  • Gap Free MP3 Playback for Flash
  • Support for OGG playback on all platforms except Flash
  • Multi-Mapped Controls
  • Improved handling of arbitrary screen sizes.
  • Improved Ad Support (iAds, AdMob, Events)
  • Improved Social Gaming API Support (Game Center, Events)
  • Improved In-App Purchase Support (Consumables, Restore Purchases, Events)
  • Improved Native UI Support (Keyboard, Swipe, better Joystick, Alerts, Vibrate)
  • Uniform handling of mouse and touch events

  • Test on iOS without going through Xcode
  • Universal Log Viewer
  • No more MAC address requirement to test
  • You don't have to use atlases if you hate 'em
  • Improved Performance. Reduced memory usage and churn.
  • Simple Physics Mode - opt out of physics for better performance if you don't need it.
  • Reduction of "works only on Flash" features. Core features work everywhere.
  • Full Blending Mode support for Flash
  • Full Screen Mode for Flash, Desktop

Migration Guide

Moving your game up from 2.x to 3.x? Read this before you begin.

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