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It came from the forest!

by mikhog

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- Aim and shoot with mouse
- Reload with space
- Select weapons with number keys
- Shooting and moving the sight around will decrease your accuracy. The sight ring shows your current accuracy.
- Increasing strength makes recoil affect accuracy less
- Increasing dexterity increases your aim in several ways
- Increasing intelligence increases the number of XP you gain from killing monsters

Upgrades in town will persist over games. Early game you should aim to invest in the school systems so you get better starting characters.

Have fun!


After reading on the kongregate forums that you can't use stencyl for anything I thought I should give it a try. Normally I use XNA or Unity for making games but I used to follow the Scratch-project a couple of years ago and managed to teach my then 9.year old cousin some basic programming with it.

I thought that now as the technology has matured a bit I should give it a try and see if it could work for kids. Maybe it's a little bit hard but might work with some coaching.

The game itself is a defence shooter with progression over games. I think I might publish to kongregate if people like it.


Hi Andnor!

I'm happy to hear you like the game, and especially so that your kids do! My girlfriend keeps telling me that I need to figure out my customer base or some economical mumbo jumbo like that... :)

Actually the game is really difficult when starting out. If you can manage to survive a day or two then you can upgrade the school which will give you stronger and more dextrous characters to play with which will make the game easier. So it is really a game where you all can cooperate and every time someone plays they can improve the city which will make it better for everyone else who also plays the game on the same computer. I guess I SHOULD make that clear ingame :)


0 8 years, 11 months ago
Hi Mike!

Nice game, the kids liked it and so did I. Havent played so much yet, but the difficulty really kicks up fast!
Maybe the next update should include difficulty levels.
Will come back with more feedback.


1 8 years, 11 months ago
I would really appreciate feedback and ideas from everyone who plays the game! /Mike
0 8 years, 11 months ago

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