Table of Contents

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1: Getting Started
2: Building Logic
3: Actors
4: Scenes
5: Mechanics
6: Advanced Topics
7: The Last 10%
8: Publishing
9: Mobile Games I
10: Mobile Games II
11: iOS
12: Android
A: Troubleshooting
B: How-To Guides
C: Reference

Recommended Path

Looks daunting? Try this.

Complete Crash Course 1

You'll learn the Stencyl workflow. View

Complete Crash Course 2

You'll get the gist of all the fundamentals. View

Skim Through Chapters 2-4

After running through Crash Course 2, this will just be more detail.

Complete Challenge 3

This will test your knowledge of working with actors. View

Complete Challenge 4

Finish this, and you've mastered the fundamentals. View
At this point, you'll have a firm grasp of the fundamentals. Read the rest as necessary.