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Generating Logs

by Jon (Updated on 2015-10-13)

You'll often be asked to "Generate Logs" if you post up a bug report or ask for help.

How to Generate Logs

Go to this menu item. Once you run it, it'll save a file on your computer that you must attach to your forum post.

Generate Logs

Why are logs useful?

  • The error reports tell us exactly where in the code things died.
  • Veterans can identify problems they've seen in the past.
  • We can roughly trace what you did along the way.

How to tell someone else to generate their logs

If you see someone ask for help, but they haven't attached their logs, use this code in your forum post to tell them to attach their logs.

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Please do not post your logs in the comments. Nobody is going to see them or understand why they're here. Please attach them to your forum post.
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