Note: All videos are produced by third parties. Some videos may be inaccurate or pertain to older versions of Stencyl.

Luyren's Videos

An up-to-date (as of 2021) video course by a long-time Stencyl user

Stencyl Tutorials & Tips

Watch on YouTube View

Lense On Life

A collection of walkthroughs by Oliver

Crash Course 2

23 video tutorials showing how to work through Stencyl's Crash Course 2 View

Stencyl Exercises

Videos that work through actual design / coding problems View

Building Extensions

An advanced series for those wanting to try out extension development View

Abigayl's Tutorials

A Visual Introduction to Stencyl

An old but popular and introduction to Stencyl in slideshow form. Takes 20-30 minutes per lesson.

Lesson 1

The Basics. View

Lesson 2

Attributes, Saving/Loading, Kongregate. View

Lesson 3

Controls, Spawning Actors. View

Lesson 4

Mouse-Based Shooting, Collisions. View

Lesson 5

Music, Screen Boundaries, Power Ups. View

Lesson 6

Supporting Many Actors. View