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by Jon (Updated on 2015-10-11)

What is StencylForge?

StencylForge is our marketplace for user-created (and team-created) resources. Whether you're looking for a piece of art, a sound clip, a behavior or a sample game, StencylForge has it.

Accessing StencylForge

To access StencylForge, click on the StencylForge icon in the toolbar. It'll pop up in a new tab. You must be logged in to access everything that StencylForge has to offer.

Launching StencylForge

Downloading Resources

Once a resource finishes downloading, the resource will be added to your currently open game. To ensure the resource stays in your game, make sure you save your progress.

If you downloaded a Game or a Kit, rather than an individual resource, you must close your currently opened game (if there is one) and open the Game or Kit directly from the Welcome Center.

Pre-Shipped Behaviors

Although StencylForge is a useful resource, it's sometimes difficult to find good, reliable solutions to common scenarios. For example, how do you get an actor to rotate towards where your mouse cursor is?

To solve this problem, we've created a collection of behaviors for re-use across all games. They're the most common behaviors we've seen grabbed or re-created and are (practically) guaranteed to meet your needs.

To find them, begin adding a behavior to an Actor or a Scene. You'll now see a new section titled From Your Library.

Pre-Shipped Behaviors

The Future of StencylForge

Our original vision behind StencylForge was to make it a shared space for artists and developers to share their works with others. Solutions to common game development problems would be documented, and over time, we'd build an impressive library of these common solutions.

StencylForge has turned out differently from that vision and while interesting things have been created, many are using it as a backup solution for storing their games online. This isn't what we had in mind, and it isn't something we'd like to continue in the long term.

To that end, we plan to sunset StencylForge in 2016, so we can focus all of our energy on the core toolset. StencylForge will remain read-only for some time (so all data will be retained and accessible), but we will start blocking new submissions in Stencyl 3.4 and in all versions sometime in 2016.

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So the things on StencylForge aren't copyrighted? c:
0 8 years, 7 months ago
StencylForge is not working. I can't get the proper items. What to do?
3 9 years, 3 months ago

0 9 years, 3 months ago
Can you remove stuff from stencylforge? I accidentally published with the wrong license...
0 9 years, 6 months ago
Why isn't there a "view all" for the various categories. I downloaded an actor last week, and now I can't find it in stencylforge anymore because it is no longer the top if it's category.. Using the search feature doesn't find it either. It appears to only search through what is shown on the screen.
2 9 years, 7 months ago
StencylForge was taken down for a month for maintenance. The comments below no longer apply at the present.
0 9 years, 8 months ago
cant connect and neither can a lot of other people whats going on
0 10 years, 2 weeks ago
"could not connect to stencyl forge
please verify your internet connection is active"

So why can I not connect?

1 10 years, 2 weeks ago
bashar 1
"could not connect to stencyl forge
please verify your internet connection is active"

My internet is active though...
So why can I not connect? Please help why??

1 10 years, 2 weeks ago
"could not connect to stencyl forge
please verify your internet connection is active"

My internet is active though...
So why can I not connect? Please help

0 10 years, 2 weeks ago

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