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Attribute Types

by Justin (Updated on 2018-11-29)

Earlier in this chapter, you learned about Attributes, which are changeable and configurable properties of Behaviors. What kinds of Attributes are at your disposal?

Reference - The Types

Stencyl includes the following resource types.

Type Stencylpedia Article?
Actor Yes
Actor Group Yes
Actor Type Yes
Animation Yes
Anything ---
Boolean ---
Color ---
Control Yes
Font Yes
Image Yes
Image Instance Yes
List Yes
Joint ---
Map Yes
Number ---
Region Yes
Scene Yes
Shader Yes
Sound Yes
Text ---

What do the attribute configurators look like?

Here are some examples of common Attribute types and how they may appear on an Actor Type’s Behaviors page.

Attribute Type Appearance in Actor Type Editor > Behaviors
Actor Group stencyl-design-mode-actor-group-attribute
Actor Type stencyl-design-mode-actor-type-attribute
Animation stencyl-design-mode-animation-type-attribute
Boolean stencyl-design-mode-boolean-type-attribute
Color stencyl-design-mode-color-type-attribute
Control stencyl-design-mode-control-type-attribute
Font stencyl-design-mode-font-type-attribute
Number stencyl-design-mode-number-type-attribute
Scene stencyl-design-mode-scene-type-attribute
Sound stencyl-design-mode-sound-type-attribute
Text stencyl-design-mode-text-type-attribute


Something you might bump into fairly early on is shown in the following image:

Cannot configure

Why are some Attributes unconfigurable?

  • There's nothing to configure, or the configurator would be of limited value. (e.g. Image Instance, Shader)
  • It's an Actor behavior, so until the actor's actually inside a scene, there's no context for being able to pick out a specific (Actor or Region)

For the latter case, this can be addressed by customizing the Actor once it's inside a scene.

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A small difference:
Attributes: Useful as shortcuts, making behaviors.
Game Attributes: Can be saved/loaded when using save/load events.

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The other 4 are unconfigurable attributes that won't show up when configuring a behavior.
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